We are currently accepting children from infant to 5 years old

infntprgrm1Infant to 5 years of age
You are entrusting your infant’s care to us. It is an amazing time, and you want to be sure your child receives the same love and attention he/she would receive from you. You can be confident that at Providence Children’s Academy, we offer a safe, nurturing environment for your child. We are committed to making this transition away from home exciting and stimulating for you and your child.

Program Highlights:

  • Provide safe opportunities for todlers to explore their environment through play.
  • Create a system that allows children to use all their senses to explore, through sanitized toys and materials.
  • Provide many rich language experiences throughout the day, through reading, singing, playing
  • Offer continuity of primary caregivers
  • Use nurturing routines to develop and maintain trusting relationships with each child
  • Encourage expression of language and respond to children’s communication attempts
  • Set limits and guide learning in ways that reflect realistic expectations for children’s behavior
  • Individualize schedules, routines and experiences to meet each child’s needs.

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