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Why Choose Us?

We offer features to enhance the Learning, Safety, Health, Development for your child and doing what kids do best, “Just have fun”. However there are 11 reasons that set us apart from other centers for child care.

“YMCA Partner”

We have partnered with the YMCA in Parkland. The YMCA and Providence Children’s Academy are committed to control the obesity of children. Our programs are geared towards diversification of activities to accomplish this goal. We offer tumbling, cheerleading, basketball, soccer, exercise routines and fitness just to name a few.


Our rubber flooring inside reduces bumps and bruises.
Our Furniture is Jonti-Craft, which is recognized in the industry as the strongest and safest.
Our pour in place rubber surface on the playground eliminates your child from getting splinters or putting wood chips or rubber pellets in their mouth.  Plus prevents low impact injuries.

“Healthy Environment”

Our flooring cannot grow bacteria and is used in modern hospitals.
There is no need for harmful chemicals to clean them.
We have a nutritionist consultant to provide us with a well balanced diet.


Age -appropriate, hands on curriculum. Ongoing assessments to monitor the children’s interests, needs and progress.

“Family Style Dining”

A well balance hot lunch will be included. Your child will be encouraged to have good manners and proper eating habits.
We have taken the worries out of preparing lunch for your child.


You can view your child from your home or office via our web cam.
A touch screen and fingerprinting is provided to gain entrance.

“Bus Transportation”

The NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration strongly recommends to the states that have not passed the law prohibiting van use for transporting children and to use what they term “New School Bus Category for Multifunctional Transportation Needs”. This means we use only school buses. Providence Children’s Academy “Has” a bus that is Multifunctional Transportation.

“Smart Board”

New Interactive Learning Approach.  Children are exposed to age-appropriate activities to expand on the learning standards introduced in the classroom.  Our Smart Board is a giant touch screen  66″ x 46″.

“Experienced Teachers”

All our teachers are credentialed and experienced.

“VPK Provider”

We are a VPK provider. The Voluntary Prekindergarten program (VPK) is FREE for all  four-year-old children born on or before September 1.
The VPK program’s quality standards include:

Qualified instructors.
Age appropriate curriculum with a strong emphasis on early literacy.
Manageable class sizes.


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