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Welcome to Providence Children’s Academy Preschool

We are a Coconut Creek preschool, dedicated to laying solid foundations through curriculum-based education, safety, health, and social development in a fun and friendly environment.

What We Offer

We aim to provide everything a child needs to thrive physically, academically, and socially at each stage of their growth. At our Coconut Creek preschool, we accommodate ages from six-week-old babies through to four-year-old VPK graduates. Our formal classes are made up as follows.

One-Year-Old Class

Young children are born with a natural desire to experience and learn new things. In our one-year-old class, we focus on early infant education to enhance physical development, build cognitive skills, and foster social skills.

Through story-time, music, and singing, they learn language and rhythm. Playtime creates opportunities for social interaction, developing fine and gross motor skills, and instills in them a love for moving.

While there is no formal assessment for this age group, we aim to create a solid foundation for the rest of their childhood development.

Two-Year-Old Class

Our class for two-year-olds continues learning through play and social interaction. They’re encouraged to start becoming more independent in areas such as feeding themselves, hygiene, packing up after activities, and playtime.

Potty training is part of the agenda for this age group. They also begin learning basic safety practices such as sun safety, holding hands, and staying together when out in public. Two-year-olds are introduced to basic manners and begin learning respect for others.

From this class up, we assess each child according to the Florida Birth to Three-Year-Old standards

Three-Year-Old Class

Our three-year-old class is divided into a younger and an older group, which allows the teachers to adjust the pace and scope of the lessons to accommodate the speed at which the children learn.

The focus for three-year-olds is to promote independence and equip them with the skills and confidence to do things for themselves. This is the age at which we encourage them to stay on task and finish what they start, whether it’s a craft activity, puzzle, or game.

They continue building their gross motor coordination skills through climbing, balancing, walking backward, and other outdoor activities. Fine motor coordination is honed through craft time as they cut and tear, learn to color inside the lines, and build blocks and towers.

Socially, this group begins exploring empathy and compassion and adds to their growing repertoire of good manners.

Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK)

We offer the free VPK program for the 4-year-olds in Florida that aims to get them fully ready for kindergarten. We work on the Florida VPK curriculum while making sure the atmosphere is loving, fun, and happy. The areas we focus on include early literacy and social skills.

After-School Care

Our After-School Care program offers school aged children a home away from home. With facilities to quietly focus, homework assistance, and space to play and relax, you can rest assured they’re in good hands. We offer school pick-ups and can drop them off at their afternoon activities, as well as pick them up afterward.

Summer Camp

Our Coconut Creek preschool offers summer camp programs run in a ‘day camp’ format. This allows children to experience all the fun, outings, and activities of a summer camp and be able to go home in the evenings. Each week at summer camp runs on a theme, and every day is packed full of crafts, games, and outings.

Our Teachers

We carefully select each of our teachers to provide the best preschool experience for your child. Our teachers are trained, highly skilled, educated, experienced, and passionate about the children in their care. We keep our child-to-teacher ratio low to make sure that each child gets the attention they need to thrive.

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Our Curriculum And Assessments

All our classes follow the Florida Department of Education Standards. We assess each child three times a year, beginning in the fall then again in January and May. At the end of the assessment period, we hold parent-teacher meetings to discuss your child’s progress. This process allows us to pick up on any child who is falling behind emotionally, socially, or academically and give them additional assistance to get back on track.

Health And Safety

We’ve created a safe environment in our school to protect your child and for your peace of mind. Entry into the school is via a security keypad, which gives you access to the lobby. Once in the lobby, there’s a fingerprint scanner to check your child in and out of the school.

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Our Facilities

Our classrooms are well-equipped with age-appropriate games, toys, and puzzles. Our teachers make use of interactive whiteboards that allow lessons to flow and encourage participation.

The flooring we’ve used throughout the school is the same antibacterial flooring used in hospitals. Being bacteria-resistant makes this flooring safe for preschoolers as it gets washed with plain water, avoiding the harsh chemicals that may trigger allergies or severe reactions in children.

Our playground is surfaced with poured-in-place rubber that provides a thick, springy, smooth area that is safe for the children. Kids love climbing, swinging, and playing on the Jonti-Craft furniture and jungle gyms.

Coconut Creek Preschool At Providence Children’s Academy

We want our parents to feel comfortable leaving their children in our care. For this reason, we added webcam viewing to all areas of our school. This allows parents to check in via a PC or smartphone app and see what their child is busy with.

Parents can view our menu online and have the choice of 11 other substitute lunch options when necessary. There are two snack times each day which consist of fruit.

We’d love to welcome you and your children to our school. Contact us to book a visit and experience the Coconut Creek preschool at Providence Children’s Academy.

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