5 Reasons To Enroll Your Child In After School Care

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It can often be overlooked, but after school care is a great way to complement the development that comes with daily preschool classes. It’s not just a means of giving working parents a helping hand. Children are able to learn and grow in ways that are slightly different from everyday school.

Studies have shown that the right after school programs for your children can leave them better equipped socially, mentally, and physically for the all-important school years still to come.

Unsure about whether this will be a good fit for your child? We’re here to help. We’ve listed 5 of the best reasons to enroll your child in after school care.

1. Safety and Physical Wellbeing

Safety is one of the first and most obvious benefits of having your child at after school care. Children are under supervision and guidance at all times. i

Physical wellbeing goes hand in hand with this. A good after care program will have allocated playtime to get children outside and moving.

2. Social skills

Allowing your children, the extra time each day to play, talk, and learn from their friends develops their social skills and emotional intelligence. Building these skills helps your child with teamwork, conversation, and supporting others going forward.

3. Academic support.

While play and fun are an important part of a good after school care program, there is also an element of academic support. Working parents can often struggle with time in between work, cooking, and cleaning to help their children with homework!

A after school care has dedicated homework time, which teachers will help and support. Children who are given this level of attention and understanding with their homework can often perform better in everyday classes.

4. Discover new talents and skills

After school programs offer a wide variety of different activities and the freedom to explore new and exciting things. It’s a great opportunity for children to find and develop new talents and interests that they might not find at home.

5. Comfort for working families

Having peace of mind that your child is well looked after once the school day is complete, can be a weight off any busy parent’s shoulders. Less stress and worry are a good thing in all areas of life. So not having to rush your work to fetch your kids will lead to a more balanced and healthy family dynamic.

The Best After School Care in Coconut Creek

Providence Children’s Academy has a holistic approach to how our after school care programs are structured. We focus not just on education but the physical, emotional and social well-being of children too. Children get to work on all these aspects while being surrounded by their friends, and most importantly while having fun! Providence Children’s Academy strives to provide the best preschool program in Coconut Creek . Whether it is in the classroom or at after school care, our activities have purposeful educational objectives. We combine this with your child’s natural desire to explore and play. Our attentive and fun after school care program is bound to leave your child ready for a bright and promising future.

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