Appropriate Gift Ideas For National Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day


Preschool teachers play an integral role in children’s education and their lives. These educators prepare young children for their coming school years and beyond by teaching essential skills children need. Your child might want to show their appreciation for all their teacher does by giving them a gift on National Preschool Appreciation Day.

This special day always falls on the third Friday in March of every year. If you or your child aren’t sure what is considered an appropriate gift for this special occasion, here are some great ideas.

Class Supplies

Preschool teachers are sure to appreciate supplies for the classroom. These items often get used up or misplaced, and educators of young children can never have too many of the essentials. Items like crayons, glue sticks, and construction paper make amazing gifts and are easy on the wallet.

Preschool Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are a must because of all the germs and viruses that tend to frequent classrooms. To make it easier for your child’s teacher, consider something convenient and time-saving, like disinfectant wipes. Even hand soap and hand sanitizer make great and appropriate gifts.

Teacher Apparel

You’ve seen the t-shirts that express just what you want to say to your child’s preschool teacher. One of these comfy tees could make a good gift if you feel comfortable guessing the teacher’s size. With any doubt, you might opt for something else, like a mug or a tumbler.

Handmade Preschool Teacher Appreciation Gift

Nothing tells a teacher how much their students appreciate them, like a handmade card or other homemade gifts. Because your child made it themselves (maybe with a little help from you), the gift becomes extra special and is always appropriate for National Preschool Teacher Appreciation Day.

Gift Cards

You can’t go wrong with a gift card, regardless of the recipient or occasion. To ensure the gift is appropriate for your child’s teacher, consider choosing one from a store or restaurant that is universally loved. You might also opt to choose a gift card to a craft supply store or one where they can shop for goodies for the classroom.

Self-Care Items or Packages

Your child’s teacher works hard and spends time with young children all day. They deserve to relax and enjoy self-care. You can help them by purchasing a gift certificate for a spa. Preparing gift baskets with items such as chocolates or teas is a good option too.


Books are one of the best and most appropriate things you can gift a teacher. They spend their time fostering your child’s love for reading, and it’s safe to assume they enjoy reading as well. If you know the teacher’s interests, purchasing books for them makes sense. If not, consider a gift card to a bookstore. You can also always buy some popular children’s books that are age-appropriate for your child’s class. These are fantastic gifts because everyone can enjoy them.

Ways to Show Your Appreciation

Gift-giving is a wonderful thing, but it’s not the only thing you or your child can do to show appreciation for the special educator in your life. Simply telling teachers how much you appreciate them and showing kindness in the classroom is enough to let your child’s teacher know they are appreciated. Teachers always appreciate when parents can attend events and actively participate in their child’s learning by extending it to the home.

Preschool In Coconut Creek

At Providence Children’s Academy, we appreciate all our staff, including some of the best VPK teachers in South Florida, who help create a safe preschool.

If you want to show your appreciation, these are some appropriate gift choices. Remember, it’s not about the money you spend. Appropriate gifts can cost nothing. Your child’s teacher will appreciate the thought.

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