Finding The Best Child Care Provider


Choosing The Right Child Care Provider

Choosing the right child care provider is a difficult task for any parent. You need to ensure that the place you choose can attend to your child’s specific needs as well as nurture your child’s mental and physical development. The best possible early educational system for your child can help nurture and develop your child’s growth process. A good child care center should offer things that can help enhance your child’s development by focusing on what children do best, which is playing.

There are little things that parents should be aware of to ensure your child gets the best early education possible. These things include any child care provider that is dedicated to controlling the levels of obesity in children with programs engineered towards the adaption of various activities to lower the risk of obesity in children. Fitness activities, various sports and exercise routines should be offered to help achieve this goal.

For many parents safety is a legitimate concern, especially in child care centers. A good child care provider will be kitted out with rubber flooring to reduce the risk of bumps and bruises indoors and have all furniture sourced from Jonti-Craft. Jonti-Craft in recognized in the industry as the strongest and safest furniture for little ones who love to explore. Everyday impact injuries as well as splinters are prevented in the playground by means of a pour in place rubber surface. The flooring used within the school should be free from hazardous chemical taints that keep the floors clean and should not act as a breeding ground for bacteria.

Child care providers that offer a well balanced dietary plan is a bonus, especially if it is provided by a consultant nutritionist to ensure that the children are eating exactly what they need to in order to maintain a healthy body and mind. Your little one should be encouraged to maintain good eating habits and proper manners. A child care provider that offers a well-balanced lunchtime meal is a great choice so you won’t need to worry about packing a daily meal for your little one. If a midday meal is not provided speak to the staff at the center to find out what is the best meal to pack for your child each day.

You should look for a child care provider that focuses on an age appropriate curriculum with a hands on approach. Ongoing assessments should also be put in place to monitor your child’s interests, needs and development as well as what needs to be focused on for improvement. Little ones should be exposed to activities that are appropriate for their age group by experienced and licensed teachers.

A school bus that is used to transport your student to and from school or class outings and that is in accordance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations recommendation for a multifunctional transportation device is a bonus in any center.

To ensure your peace of mind, some centers, such as the Providence Children’s Academy, provides you with the opportunity to keep an eye on your child via the webcams installed in their classroom from your home or office. A touch screen and fingerprint analysis is a requirement to gain entry into their premises ensuring that your child will be safe no matter what the circumstances.

A bonus for any parent is a center that is also a VPK provider, which is a voluntary prekindergarten program that is free for all four year olds that are born on or before the 1st of September. This includes qualified tutors and smaller more manageable classes to ensure that each child gets the necessary attention they need to succeed.

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