Choosing The Right Summer Camp Program For Your Child

Summer camp programs are one of the best options for parents and kids during the school vacation seasons. They are safe, educational and filled with heaps of fun and great exercise opportunities for children – giving parents the time they need to work, or get other things done when children are on vacation.

Leaders and facilitators of programs made for children are usually intentional, skilled and have loads of experience, which gives you as the parent peace of mind. Get your child into the best day summer camp programs in Coconut Creek at Providence Children’s Academy by booking early to reserve your spot.

How can you be confident in your choice of summer camp programs? Well, we explore some of the questions and answers that you should be looking out for, and how ours is by far the best, safest and most fun option.

Benefits of Summer Camp At Providence Children’s Academy

It’s not easy to separate from your kids during the summer holidays, but instead of letting them drive you crazy, or putting them in front of the TV for a moment of peace, consider some of the benefits of sending them to our day summer camp.

  • At camp, children will learn valuable life lessons while also interacting with their peers. This is a continuation of the kind of stimulation and social skills they get from school and home – only in a different kind of format and context.
  • Before they begin to miss home, children are pulled into a day of fun and loving guidance by the facilitators on our team. Children thrive when they learn how to be independent in a nurturing environment, that’s not far from home.
  • The great outdoors is the best place to be when you’re under 10 years old. Children in our camps will play outside in the fresh air while learning, having fun and keeping active.
  • Your children will become more resilient and adventurous as their horizons get broadened in our summer camp environment.
  • Children make friends that last a lifetime as they spend bonding time with others in their age group.

Your child’s safety, encouragement and development are all top priorities for us.

Activities To Expect

It might be helpful if you know what’s in store for your children in our camp. This will help you prepare them and get them excited for camp before they show up on their first day!

Weekly Themes

Who doesn’t love a talent show? Or a slime game? How about a Nick Jr. themed bunch of activities? Every week we have a new theme, meaning your child will have lots of interesting games and activities to take part in. One of the reasons our summer camp is the best! A lot of planning and intentionality goes behind every activity.

Fun Games And Sports

If there’s anything we know about children it’s that they need to be active everyday and what better way to do that then to plan fun fames and sports for them to enjoy at camp! Physical challenges are just as important as mental growth and stimulation. Plus, children will develop in motor skills and teamwork. They will enjoy activities such as soccer, kickball, gymnastics and baseball.

Field Trips

There are many fun field trips planned for children as part of the summer camp programs schedule. Three times a week we’ll visit museums, IMAX, water parks, movie theaters, bowling alleys and more.

Water-Based Games

Summertime is hot, which means that kids need to cool down with some fun water-based games and activities. Our team members are equipped to handle the logistics around safe water play while also making sure every child feels included.

Educational Activities And General Fun

Since children between ages 5-12 are at such a critical developmental time it would be silly for us not to continue the brain stimulation while on vacation. Which is why we incorporate further educational activities while also making them enjoyable for every child.

Top Tips For Choosing Summer Camp Programs

While you consider the right summer camp for your child, there are some tips that might be helpful.

Look Out For Safety Concerns

If you’re looking for a summer camp for your kids, then look out for possible safety concerns on a tour of the venue. If there’s paint peeling, or other maintenance related issues, it might be worth skipping that one.

Take A Tour

Sometimes the best way to make a decision about a place is to get your feet there. Request a tour, and ask as many questions as you need to in order to make your decision easy!

Speak To The Person In Charge

Our leadership at Providence Children’s Academy summer camp are friendly, and always happy to help. Get the peace of mind you need and get to know who is in charge.

Nicole Rachel
Nicole Rachel
Cannot say enough good things about this daycare. All the teachers and front office are so nice, caring and accommodating. Sending our kids here was the best decision we made!
The best preschool in Broward! Mr. John and his staff are truly amazing at what they do. He takes time to not only get to know the children that come to his preschool, but the parents as well! He’s very proactive with the families, and is so welcoming to all. The school is very clean, the teachers are so nice, and the front office staff are always a pleasure. I highly recommend this place, and trust them wholeheartedly with my children.
Diane Ware
Diane Ware
Safe, loving Place for our babies!
Krystal Rumph
Krystal Rumph
I absolutely love this school. The curriculum is on point... my son loves it and does not want to leave. This is his last year and I’m actually sad that he has to move on to a higher level but I’m also proud that he has the knowledge to move forward. Very innovative in finding new ways for the kids to learn.
Yaritzza Gonzalez
Yaritzza Gonzalez
My daughter started here at 3 months and I don’t regret it at all. The staff is amazing, very caring, and the owners are great as well. Anything that’s going on they will let you know right away, & not to mention they have cameras :) I would watch the cameras literally all the time and now I forget that I even have it because I trust Ms. Ana & Ms. Barbara with my babygirl so much. This school is definitely a blessing ❤️
Dan A
Dan A
The owners are great and have always been extremely helpful, caring and fair to us. The teachers and staff are awesome and the kids love it here. I would recommend this school to any friend or family member. Starbucks, gas station and Sawgrass entrance right next to it make this place incredibly convenient as well.
Corlene Hickman
Corlene Hickman
Love our second family at Providence!

The Summer Camp Program You Can Trust In Coconut Creek

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Our summer camp program is the perfect opportunity for your child to bond with their peers, make new friends and get the fun and stimulation they need during the vacation season. Sign up at the Providence Children’s Academy summer camp program this year to make the best use of your child’s free time. Contact our team

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