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Leaving your daughter and son in a child care program and going back to work for the first time is extremely difficult. Parents often feel guilty, but they have no other choice.

The good news is that leaving your child at a quality care program offers a number of advantages that they may not get at home. It provides a stimulating and nurturing environment, giving your child the kickstart to life that they need.

But how can you tell an average from a quality child care program? Providence Children’s Academy would like to tell you how.

What Is Quality Child Care?

When it comes to our children, we want nothing but the best. However, trying to figure out the quality of a child care program can be quite challenging.

Essentially, a quality child care program is a healthy, safe, and caring place for your children to learn and grow as individuals. It is an environment where all areas of your child’s development and well-being are supported. A place where your child will mentally and physically thrive.

But what sets quality child care apart? Taking a look at the word quality, it can be defined as a degree of excellence. This means that the program must have excellent qualities.

Signs Of Quality Child Care

There are a number of signs to look for in a quality child care program from the staff, to the environment and learning materials. Some of the most important clues are:

1. Teacher-Child Interactions

Check to see that the child care providers interact positively with the children. Talking, laughing, playing, and reading with the children are essential in developing their language and curiosity skills

2. Learning Environment

A rich learning environment is essential for your child’s successful development. A quality program has healthy, clean, and safe areas for your children to learn and play.

3. Learning Activities

A quality program has a variety of learning activities for different ages and developmental levels. This means that your child will be participating in activities that meet their needs and develop their skills.

4. Staff Members

Quality child care programs only hire staff who have had a lot of training, taken courses, and earned a degree. Their staff will be both caring and knowledgeable.

5. Child to Teacher Ratio

You don’t want your child to be just another number. You want a child care program with a small group of children to adult. This ensures that your child gets the attention that they require to develop as best they can.

6. Parent/Family Involvement

A quality child care program wants parents and families involved in the development of their children. They encourage visits and keep parents informed.

Why Quality Matters

When it comes to the well-being of our children and future generation, quality matters for a number of reasons. Some of which are:

Brain Development

The brain develops the most in the first 5 years of a child’s life. This makes these first 5 years some of the most crucial for learning and development.

Enrolling your child in quality care allows them to hear language in its different forms. This develops the area of the brain responsible for problem-solving and more advanced thinking. It also teaches them self-regulation, memory, and motivation.

Your child will learn to share, communicate and resolve small conflicts at a quality child care program.

This exposure allows for holistic development, strengthening your child’s cognitive, emotional, and social skills.

Better Preparedness for School

Attending a quality child care program better prepares children for school. It provides children with a strong physical, mental and emotional foundation to do well.

Studies have shown that children who were enrolled in quality child care programs had fewer behavior problems and were less likely to need special education.

Future Success

Quality child care leaves your children with recognizable and lasting benefits.

Skills learned in child care programs help children to form and maintain relationships lasting into adulthood. Studies have also shown that these students are more likely to go to college and earn more income.

How Providence Children’s Academy Can Help You Today

Enrolling your children in a quality child care program is an investment. One that benefits both you and your children.

Your children’s safety and development are important to us, so give Providence Children’s Academy a call today at 954-570-6914!

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