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preschool-centersPreschool Centers Have Creative Fun at Halloween

Children who participate in the arts at preschool centers develop dexterity, passion, and confidence. These children learn healthy risk taking, develop problem solving abilities, special acuity, communication proficiency, and collaborative skills. Creativity encourages tolerance, focus and commitment. These are very good reasons for you to encourage your little one to be creative at school and at home.

Upcoming Halloween is the perfect holiday to indulge in creative play. Preschool centers have Halloween parades, and children learn the delight of participating in this fun theme at school. You may want to have a Halloween party for your children before they go out trick or treating. Creating decorations for your home, funny scary food, and costumes, and trick or treat bags, gives you lots of opportunities for creative projects.

The fun thing about Halloween is the scope of ideas, and nothing needs to be perfect. Whether your child likes to be creepy or cute, all you need to do is be prepared to get a little messy, have some basic ideas, and allow the creative spark to ignite. There are lots of fun and easy craft projects that don’t require expensive materials. Doing a small project everyday leading up to the 31st October encourages little children to participate, even if they are reluctant at first.

Preschool children can decorate toilet rolls with scary faces and these can be hung up in long strings in corners. Add a few spider webs and plastic spiders, twisty wispy paper ghosts and the party has started! Changing the light bulbs in the house too blue and red is a simple way to create a creepy atmosphere, and everyday objects, like coats and hats can be transformed into monsters and ghouls. Investing in some googly eyes is a good idea, sticking them in unlikely places creates instant animation.

Be prepared for your child to change her mind about her costume, and especially with pre-schoolers, its best to allow this to evolve. Monster masks are fun to create, and combined with furry or fluffy arms, ears, and leggings can produce a unique and comfy costume. Gently guide your child into feeling excited and happy with the creations, while making sure the costume is user friendly and will not fall apart or make it difficult to run about. Battery operated LED lights and glow in the dark paint inspire all sorts of eerie costumes, lights can be sewn into fabric to make robots and other futuristic creatures.

Halloween food is really fun, monster cakes, eyeball boiled eggs, marshmallow ghosts, and donut spiders with liquorice string legs, are some cool ideas. Blue and green food colouring instantly changes normal food into something weird.

Whatever you do this Halloween, keep it light and fun, for the best possible experience for you and your little one.

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