Why is Preschool Important?


Preschool: An Important Step — Prepares Children For Success at School

While the Providence Children’s Academy understands that it is a big decision to put your child in preschool, we are also sure that it is an important step in early childhood development.

There are a number of reasons why preschool will give your child an advantage by the time he or she is ready to go to school.

Benefits of Preschool

SocializationPreschool is a great place to strengthen a child’s social skills. Maybe your child is an only child who doesn’t have a lot of play time with other children. If this is the case, preschool can be very beneficial for your child.

Having practice with group experiences and learning before reaching school age will prepare your child for kindergarten. Having good social skills will make the transition to school much easier for children.

Prepares Children to Be Students — There is a difference between preschool and childcare. While childcare can be essential for working parents, preschool offers a learning curriculum and specific agendas. Preschool works to prepare your child for the learning that will take place when they start school.

Teaching preschool aged children in the more traditional sense of the word, such as standing at the front of the class and talking while children sit at desks, will not work for preschool-aged children. Instead, the preschool curriculum involves play-based learning. When children are allowed to play, discover, and explore, they will pick up the essential skills necessary for learning in kindergarten.

Emphasis on Good Behavior Skills — Preschool is also a great time for students to learn good behavioral skills, which will also help transition them to school and prepare them to be ready to learn. Learning how to play together, be respectful, sharpen their listening skills and become good problem solvers are all skills they can pick up at preschool.

In addition, being around several other children will also teach children how to compromise and share — skills that will help them once they turn school aged.

Develop Language Skills — Preschool will also work to sharpen language skills. In order to be successful in school, both listening and speaking skills must be developed. For those kids who attend preschool, these language skills are often more developed, giving them a good chance at being successful at school.

These are just some of the benefits that your child will receive when they join the preschool program at Providence Children’s Academy. Every parent wants to help their child acquire the tools they need to be successful at life. Preschool is a good start.

Let us help your child learn to play independently and with other children, learn to follow directions and to ask for help, strengthen physical skills and work on their fine and gross motor skills.

We will also let kids be kids. At the preschool age, most kids develop their curiosity. There are a lot of “why” questions that happen during this stage and we have fun helping the children find answers to those questions in safe and fun environment.

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