Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas For Your Preschooler


Do you look forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day? These days, many pre-schools have Valentine’s activities planned as part of their annual calendar of celebrations. Why not make Valentine’s Day a family affair at home as well?

Here are some ideas that your preschooler will love, and probably you, too.

Explaining Valentine’s Day To Your Preschooler

A great way to explain the celebration to your youngsters is to describe it as a day to show love and friendship to the people they care about. This could be their immediate family, friends at school, teachers, or babysitter that looks after them.

It could also extend to acts of kindness for a stranger, such as taking flowers or valentine’s cookies to an elderly neighbor.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Your Preschooler

Here are some simple, affordable ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your preschooler. Remember to always supervise your child when doing craft work.

Sponge Paint Valentine Cards

All you need are a few sponges, paint, and some craft cards. Cut your sponges into hearts of various sizes and show your preschooler how to dip the sponges into the paint to print heart shapes on the card. You could sprinkle glitter or ordinary salt onto the wet paint for a different effect. When the paint dries, he can also write something on the cards and give them to the special person in his life.

Valentine Baking

Valentine’s Day would not be the same without some heart-shaped cookies. Pull out your favorite recipe and cookie cutters and bake with your little ones. A little red frosting, some colored netting, and a pretty ribbon will make a special gift for their special friends.

Indulge In A Family Date Night

Instead of a dinner for two, take the entire family out on the town. This is a chance to dress up and eat at your favorite family restaurant. Maybe everyone can take turns telling each other what they love most about each person.

Make Floating Heart Sensory Glitter Bottles

Easy to make and they look amazing. A few water bottles, heart-shaped glitter, superglue, corn syrup or glitter glue, water, and voila! An eye-catching sensory bottle your child can enjoy.

Engage In Healthy Heart Habits

February is Heart Month in America. Why not educate your kids about the importance of exercising and plan a bike ride or family walk? Explain to your preschooler why exercise is important for our bodies, and how it helps keep our hearts healthy.

To make things more exciting, let the kids wear their favorite outfits. It can be pink, red, or any color they love, the more unique the better. The walk will be fun.

Tell Your Preschooler How Much You Love Them

Sometimes we just say “love you” as we run out the door. Take the time to sit your kid down and tell him or her how much you love them, and how special they are to you.

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