Summer Camp

summer campAt Providence Children’s Academy in Coconut Creek we offer a summer camp opportunity of a lifetime for your children. In our camp program, we have a multitude of activities that are enjoyable and entertaining for children aged 5 to 12. We incorporate a wide array of fun-filled camp activities that will make sure your child will always be laughing and enjoying themselves. Our goal is to have happy campers for the whole vacation. At Summer Camp Providence in Coconut Creek, we instill and encourage vital life-skills that your child will keep with them forever by focusing on essential qualities such as team work, honesty, independence, and respect.

Exercising and healthy living is a constant and present goal at our camp, a necessary and thing to have at your child’s critical age. What sets us above other camps are our fantastic staff – you can be assured that your child is in safe hands. All outings and activities will have an adequate number of accompanying staff, and children will be required to wear a Providence Children’s Academy camp shirt so they can be easily identified in order to stay part of the group. We have always believed in providing a home away from home, and our caring and motivating staff along with captivating outings and field trips will ensure all the children that join us at camp will have an exceptional summer here in Coconut Creek, South Florida.

Benefits Of Our Summer Camp

We know it is hard for children to let go of their parents (and possibly even harder for parents to let go of their children). However, there are countless benefits of sending your children to our summer camp that will help to grow them as confident happy individuals and hopefully make the parting process easier.

  • Children will be more confident in themselves and will gain new life experiences whilst simultaneously learning valuable life lessons.
  • Children will grow more independent by being away from their families, and will have loads of fun away from home.
  • Children will rediscover the outdoors at our camp, and it will get them away from staring at TV screens for the whole vacation.
  • Children will become more resilient – they will try new things and broaden their own horizons in a safe environment.
  • Children will make life-long friendships with other kids their age.


Summer Camp Activities

  • New Theme Every Week

    The start of every week will be the start of a new theme as well. For example, we will have a Nick Jr. Week with Slime, an American Idol Week and a Talent show where everyone can showcase their talent and every child is a star!

  • Sports and Games

    We incorporate engaging group sports that will physically challenge your child in sports activities such as soccer, kickball, and baseball as well as individual pursuits such as gymnastics. These activities will assist in the development of your child’s motor skills and fitness.

  • Camp field trips

    There are loads of exciting field trips planned or your child as part of our camp schedule, to places such as water parks, movie theaters, bowling alleys, trips to Chuck E. Cheese, and IMAX exhibits. Field trips are scheduled 3 times a week.

  • Water-based play

    Qualified and responsible staff will lead the children in wildly entertaining water based games and activities to cool down in the summer heat.

  • Educational activities

    Education never ceases to be important at these young and critical ages for learning. At Summer Camp Providence, we lead the children in fun educational games and activities that include interactive smart boards, learning about science and also nature.

  • General fun

    Even more fun activities await your children at our camp. These include bouncy houses, Music and Movement, and Arts and Crafts. These activities work to introduce camp goers to the many different fields of interest and pastimes that will encourage them to pursue their own dreams and interests, long after the camp has finished.

Why Send Your Child To Us?

Summer camps are the best way for children to connect with each other, to nature and spend their downtime as productively as possible. On top of this they are packed with activities that will prevent boredom over this long break from school. If you want your child to have a great summer vacation that will not only captivate and challenge them, but also bring them joy, enroll them now for an exciting time with Summer Camp Providence.

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