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infant day care centerAs parents we want the best for our children and providing this can be as simple as enrolling them in one of the best preschool’s in Coconut Creek – Providence Children’s Academy. But claiming to be the best has no merit if we can’t prove it – so why should you choose Providence Children’s Academy as the preschool choice for your children – here is what we have on offer that makes us a stand out option for your child:

  • A hands-on, curriculum-based methodology that enables learning by interaction or ‘play’. We turn every activity into an exciting but still educational task. Through this approach your child will develop their motor skills, creativity, and language skills.
  • Through the various teaching methods, we use we are able to accommodate for children of all learning types at our family orientated preschool, right here in Coconut Creek, Broward county, Florida.
  • Providence Children’s Academy is family owned and operated and this is reflected in the way we run our school. We offer a safe and caring environment that will allow your child to excel in many key life areas.
  • We offer summer camp classes. The way we differ from other summer camp options is that we believe in small classes that will allow us to administer individual attention to each child, which is beneficial to learning.
  • Our playground is safe. We have installed a toxin free, antibacterial rubber on the playground which most other playgrounds don’t have. The rubber is also soft and therefore safe for children to play on.
  • We are well equipped and prepared for emergency situations. Our fully integrated intercom system, emergency procedures, and training will keep your child safe should any problems ever arise.

best preschool in Coconut Creek

Features of our Preschool

If you have any questions at all, you are welcome to come through to our preschool – Providence Children’s Academy – to take a tour of the vicinity, and meet with us in person. We have also created a list of the features on offer which we are very proud to share as a statement to what makes our preschool so loved by children and parents alike. Here are some of the features that put us above and beyond other preschools:

  • Top Security

    safety firstWe care about your child’s safety as much as you do. We implement procedures you can’t find at any other preschool in coconut creek, for example, we keep exit doors locked at all times, have fingerprint access for drop off/pick up, webcam access should you want to check up on your child from work or on the go– and so much more.

  • Dedicated Learning Areas

    Our classrooms are divided into learning centers – Art, blocks, dramatic play, cozy corner reading, math, science and writing.

  • Parent Interaction

    We provide parent conferences and individualized portfolio assessments so you can see how well your child progresses with us at Providence.

  • VPK

    Voluntary Prekindergarten VPKWe provide VPK (Voluntary prekindergarten) which is a FREE government funded service for children aged four to five. For children aged two and under we provide daily reports back to you, the parents, because we care.

  • Cleanliness

    We believe in having a clean environment to work and have fun in, and so classrooms are professionally cleaned every week, whilst classroom equipment and toys are sanitized daily.

  • After School Care

    We even provide before and after school care hours to accommodate your busy work schedule.

  • healthy lifestyleHealthy Lifestyle

    We like to promote physical activity at Providence, as it is essential for the healthy lifestyle your child deserves. Our outdoor area is equipped with bikes and we offer swimming lessons, too.

  • Kind And Qualified Staff

    We have highly qualified and experienced teachers that will build the foundations of your child’s future.

    All our staff are warm and very caring. We at Providence want to make sure your children are well looked after, so all our staff are trained in CPR and First Aid. They will have a keen eye out while supervising your kids to make sure they come to no harm.

  • healthy foodNutrition

    We provide nutritious and healthy food at our preschool. In Coconut Creek, you won’t find a more caring institution. We accommodate for specific allergies your child might have, too.

  • Transportation

    We provide school bus transportation that is reliable and safe.

  • Social Events

    Finally, we host a large number of family events every year from book and science fairs to graduation, and graduation fairs.

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