The Importance Of Early Learning In Setting A Foundation For Academic Success

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Early learning is more than just a way to keep children occupied during the day before they’re ready for full-time schooling. Many parents will be surprised to learn that there are many benefits to early learning programs, and not just in terms of education. Intended for young children from infancy to age five, these programs help children develop a wide range of skills that will serve them well both in the classroom and in life.

Read on to learn more about how Florida early learning programs set children up for success.

What Children Learn In Florida Early Learning Programs

Many people don’t believe it’s possible for children to retain useful information before they can speak in complete sentences or tie their own shoes. But research shows that the opposite is true! From their very first cry, children are constantly observing and obtaining information about their surroundings, even if they aren’t forming long-term memory just yet. That’s why early learning programs are so important: they make use of children’s rapid cognitive development, when they grow more quickly than at any other point in their lives.

Having a solid educational foundation will help children navigate future complexities, whether it’s comprehension in the classroom, social conflicts, or solving practical problems.

How Early Learning Promotes A More Fulfilling Educational Experience

florida early learning

Children can learn a great deal at home. However, enrolling your child in an early learning program in Florida offers the following advantages:

Fine-Tuned Motor Skills

A young child’s motor skills are constantly building every single day as they learn balance, coordination, and even what they can do with their own hands and feet. An early learning environment will build upon these skills by introducing them to paintbrushes, instruments, structured play, and more.

Promotes Socialization With Peers

Friendships are an important part of life. It’s never too soon for children to start engaging with other young ones in their age group, and Florida early learning classrooms are full of other children in the exact same stage of development. Socialization in the classroom offers a safe space for children to engage using early language skills and solve practical problems, such as learning to share. Many friendships that begin in the classroom end up lasting for life!

Promotes Healthy Conflict Resolution

In the classroom, teachers can facilitate and guide situations in which teamwork is necessary to solve a problem. In other circumstances, children may encounter problems organically, perhaps when a peer is playing with a toy that they want to use, and they must learn to wait their turn. Personality traits can also emerge at early ages, and children will learn to engage with peers who may have different character traits than they do: a useful skill for future employees sharing an office space!

Offers A Solid Introduction To Education

Early learning programs slowly introduce children to the skills they will use throughout their school career. These include language, arts, math, science, and more. Learning these skills not only prepares children for grade school down the road, but also helps them learn more about themselves, like whether they are right-brained or left-brained.

Children who lean toward the creative side will learn to express themselves through stories and play, while those inclined toward numbers and facts will learn how classroom skills can be used in daily life. Early exposure to skills that engage both sides of the brain help produce a class of well-rounded individuals.

Promotes Holistic Development

The term “holistic” refers to the whole self: physical, emotional, mental, etc. A good early learning program will take all of these factors into consideration when cultivating both a curriculum and environment for children. Having all of these aspects catered to will help children develop both confidence and a better understanding of the world around them.

Helps Build Self-Confidence

Confidence is important to building a healthy sense of self. In the classroom, children are given ample opportunity to try new things (art projects, instruments, physical activities, etc) and take on age-appropriate challenges, affirming their abilities and developing talents.

Promotes Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skills are vital for solving problems, making the most of challenging situations, and making intelligent choices. The early learning environment encourages children to ask questions to sharpen their understanding of a variety of topics. Educators can encourage activities that help foster good questions and promote sharp, smart thinking.

Builds On Language And Literacy Skills

Language is best learned when practiced in real time. In the classroom setting, children can interact with peers in both simulated and real encounters to develop listening and language skills.

Coconut Creek, Florida Early Learning Program

Early learning programs provide a multitude of benefits for the mental and physical growth of young children. It’s never too early to get a head start on education, as this is the time when children soak up the most information like little sponges. The right program structure can help children develop skills they will need for school in the future, but also help them grow into confident, well-rounded individuals.

Providence Children’s Academy in Coconut Creek, Florida offers a high-quality preschool program that takes a holistic approach to child development. That means paying attention to all aspects of personal growth, not simply learning numbers and letters (which is also important). A solid educational foundation involves cultivating a space for emotional, physical, and educational development.

To learn more about our early learning program, including VPK programs, call us today at 954-570-6914.

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