Benefits Of Introducing Education Early For School Readiness

school readiness

Sending your little one to preschool will help with school readiness and give them a head start. Attending a preschool boosts all areas of a child’s development, including emotional, social and mental development. This increases their chances of success in and out of school.

We now see many homes where both parents are working and unable to spend a great deal of time with their kids during the day. Giving your child the opportunity to go to preschool means they can interact with other children and learn; all while being supervised by caring teachers. Children who lack support and stimulation during these fundamental years may perform poorly when they get to school. Some children can’t handle the expectations and requirements of kindergarten, Grade 1 and the following years. An early learning program establishes school readiness by providing a holistic and comprehensive approach to development. A childcare center will help your little one prepare for school and allow them to excel in all areas.

The 5 Domains of School Readiness

According to the Department of Education, there are five key aspects of school readiness which should be acquired prior to attending Kindergarten. All early learning programs should aim to foster these in their curriculum. This gives children the best chance at succeeding and helps them get prepared for the challenges they make face once they attend school. The five domains are:

  1. Language and Literacy Development
  2. Cognition and General Knowledge (such as early mathematics and early scientific development)
  3. Approaches Toward Learning
  4. Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
  5. Social and Emotional Development

Skills Developed at an Early Learning Program

High-quality early education boosts a child’s reasoning, cognitive and social skills, language, behavior and emotional wellbeing. By the time children go to school, they are expected to have reached a certain level of development in these categories. Children who are behind, possibly because they didn’t get the opportunity of an early learning program, must catch-up to the other kids and often end up falling behind. Those who got a head start in these areas can advance and refine their skills, while confidently and competently growing their capabilities.

Children who are active and engaged in stimulating environments can develop their literacy and numeracy skills. The classroom should be supplied with assorted items and objects which children can interact with, by themselves and with other children. Literacy and language development are key to a preschool curriculum. At Providence Children’s Academy we focus on listening, speaking and building vocabulary. Language proficiency is essential for school and is a predictor of a child’s academic success. The higher the language proficiency, the higher the development of cognitive and social skills. Numeracy skills are also established during an early learning program as children interact with numerous objects and activities, often facilitated or at least supervised by a teacher.

An early learning program curriculum must aim to develop the five domains of school readiness via a variety of techniques and strategies so that each learner can be the best in their own way.

The Importance of Play for School Readiness

The first five years of your child’s life are crucial. They set the stage for lifelong learning and growth. These experiences during the formative years will provide the foundation for the rest of their lives.

Young children learn best through play. The rigid, inactive, teacher-directed aspects of school don’t allow for children to reach their full potential at an early age. This is where we find the value of play in our state of the art preschool. Play improves fine and gross motor skills, encourages questioning, collaboration and problem-solving, and builds cognitive abilities. It also allows for open-ended conversations and questions which build a child’s imagination, vocabulary, understanding, concentration, relationships, and curiosity.

School readiness is comprised of various components such as emotional, social and mental skills. When a child attends school, a lot of importance is placed on cognitive skills and strong academic ability. These skills can be fostered and boosted with the helping hands of an early learning program. Your child will be able to thrive and succeed in big school. He or she deserves to do their very best and this can be achieved by getting a head start with early education. Invest in their future as soon as possible.

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