Preschool Curriculum

Why Preschool Programs That Focus On Early Learning Are So Important

As parents we may have different parenting skills, however, one thing we have in common is we want our children to succeed in life. The first few years of a child’s life is critical for the development of skills that form the foundation for future years. This can be stressful for working parents who may […]

Develop Reading Skills With Pre-K Education

Learning to read can be an overwhelming feat for young students. Placing a book full of words in front of them can cause them to totally forget everything they’ve learned. Our experience has taught us that when they’ve been eased into the skill, where they were given a chance to get comfortable with letters and […]

How To Get Daycare Students Excited About Math

Math is a difficult subject. Not because it’s a difficult school subject, but because we can’t seem to talk about it without some heavy stigma. It is conveyed often as something “regular” kids cannot naturally enjoy. It is conveyed as something they are going to struggle with. Faced with all this, how do we begin […]

Incorporating STEM Into A Pre-K Curriculum

STEM is an acronym used to describe four major areas of learning; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM is built around the concept of integrating these four disciplines and applying them to real-world situations and problems. When incorporating STEM into a Pre-K curriculum, some teachers prefer to keep the four areas separate at first, letting […]

A Guide To Preschool Children’s Speech Skills

Speaking is the main form of communication between children and adults and even children and children. Helping your child with their speech skills can help them communicate with each other and adults. The most important stage of child development is from birth to the age of three, here it is critical for you to help […]

What Do My Children Learn At Preschool?

The importance of early childhood education can’t be stressed enough. Preschool is what sets the path for your child’s academic success. The aim of preschool (pre- kindergarten) should be to prepare your child for kindergarten, future learning, and to facilitate the growth and development of important skills. It can be considered as the foundation to […]

Including Art Into the Pre-K Curriculum

There is nothing more boring than sitting in a class where the teacher drones on in a monotonous voice, and all you have on the handout in front of you is black text on a white piece of paper. This is the same for children. They learn much better in an environment that stimulates their […]

The Best Preschool Invests In School Readiness

There are a variety of factors in place which determine whether or not your child is ready to start school. This is why the preschool you choose plays such an important role in your child’s development as early learning is beneficial for school readiness. While school readiness is also your responsibility, the best preschool will […]

Problem Solving Skills For Kids

Teaching children about problem solving is very important, because we as parents won’t be able to be around our kids 24/7 to ensure that they deal with conflict and problems effectively. Essentially, problem solving is about your children’s emotions and how they deal with these effectively – navigating through a problematic situation need not be […]

The Importance Of Early Literacy In Preschool Class

By the time your child gets to third grade, they will start to read with the intention to learn. This is why literacy needs to start as early in your child’s life as possible, because early literacy from infant stages sets the tone of your child’s ability to cope with reading skills in preschool. Early literacy can […]

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