Preschool Curriculum

Celebrating Culture At Your Preschool Center

Multiculturalism in the classroom provides students with an insight into the world around them. Incorporating these lessons at a young age is important because it begins to shape their impression of the people they meet on a daily basis. America is filled with a variety of cultures and our children will no doubt be exposed […]

How Preschool Can Help with Infant Developmental Activity

Many parents are not able to stay home with their infants during the day – however many parents might feel that their child is too young to go to preschool. There is a solution to this, by enrolling your child in a preschool that offers a curriculum that focuses on infant developmental activity. What Are […]

How A Preschool Curriculum Sets the Stage for School

Young children absorb so much information – they are constantly learning new things from daily experiences. It is important to make the most of these experiences so that they can learn all they can to better prepare them from school. Therefore, a preschool that offers a hands-on curriculum-based methodology, like Providence Children’s Academy is best […]

Benefits Of Introducing Education Early For School Readiness

Sending your little one to preschool will help with school readiness and give them a head start. Attending a preschool boosts all areas of a child’s development, including emotional, social and mental development. This increases their chances of success in and out of school. We now see many homes where both parents are working and […]

How Preschool Programs Work With Different Learning Styles

Exceptional preschool programs will cater to a variety of learning styles. Each child is unique and brings their own special personality into the classroom. And each child has a preferred learning style. It is never too early to cater towards individual learning strategies and preferences. Teachers should be aware of individual learning methods so your […]

Hands-On Learning At A Daycare Center

Hands-on learning at daycare centers offers a variety of benefits for your little one. He or she is given valuable opportunities for growth and development which would not be available anywhere else. This is a crucial stage in your child’s life and can influence him or her for years to come. Early education needs to […]

What Is A Hands-On Preschool?

Have you ever wondered why children go to preschool, if all they do is play? It is through play that children are educated, as play is important for childhood development. At preschool, educational activities are implemented with play to tackle all areas of growth, from physical coordination to mental, social and emotional development. To learn […]

It’s Never Too Early For Infant Education

9 Time has changed the roles, customs and practices of people. Previous generations only thought of entering formal schooling at seven years old because parents believed that having their children go to school at an earlier age may deprive them of their childhood and give unnecessary stress. Nowadays it has become quite a regular thing […]

Peak Learning Years For Your Child’s Development

A child’s most critical learning years begin in the first five years of their life – this is arguably one of the most vital periods during a child’s development. More than 1 million neural connections are formed every second during the first years of living, as a child begins to actively participate in his/her environment […]

The Importance Of Play In Preschool Learning

You may be asking why play is deemed just as important as work? The fact is, play might even be more important than work. The importance of play has been drastically overlooked in recent years and replaced by greater academic demands, driven by our achievement-obsessed culture in the United States. As politicians, school administrators and […]

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