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The Best Preschool Invests In School Readiness

There are a variety of factors in place which determine whether or not your child is ready to start school. This is why the preschool you choose plays such an important role in your child’s development as early learning is beneficial for school readiness. While school readiness is also your responsibility, the best preschool will […]

Problem Solving Skills For Kids

Teaching children about problem solving is very important, because we as parents won’t be able to be around our kids 24/7 to ensure that they deal with conflict and problems effectively. Essentially, problem solving is about your children’s emotions and how they deal with these effectively – navigating through a problematic situation need not be […]

The Importance Of Early Literacy In Preschool Class

By the time your child gets to third grade, they will start to read with the intention to learn. This is why literacy needs to start as early in your child’s life as possible, because early literacy from infant stages sets the tone of your child’s ability to cope with reading skills in preschool. Early literacy can […]

Different Stages Of The Learning Years

When it comes to selecting the right care for your child, you should be choosing a safe environment that caters to their wellbeing, growth and education. It should stimulate their minds and bodies and their social and emotional side. Understanding how your child behaves and what they enjoy doing is important when choosing where your […]

Infant Education – The Games Children Need To Play

Play is about more than just having fun, it’s also an easy opportunity to teach your child learning skills, vital for their maturity and development. For infants between 0-2 years old, there are many games that can be played to encourage their development and social interaction. As a parent, it’s important to stimulate your child […]

Beam Brings Interactive Learning To A New Level

As a parent, you always want the best for your child – ensuring that they receive a good foundation that could give them a head start to a brighter future is part of that. Children are known to respond better with interactive learning by using their senses and interacting physically in the tasks they need […]

Celebrating Culture At Your Preschool Center

Multiculturalism in the classroom provides students with an insight into the world around them. Incorporating these lessons at a young age is important because it begins to shape their impression of the people they meet on a daily basis. America is filled with a variety of cultures and our children will no doubt be exposed […]

After-school Activities To Increase Development

After-school activities and programs can have an important effect of the development of your child in more than one way. Whether a team environment or more of an individual activity, the additional exposure allows your child to develop social and communication skills, contribute to a healthier lifestyle and enhance academic achievement. Better yet, these activities […]

How Teachers Create A Safe Preschool

One of the most important roles a teacher plays is keeping students safe and comfortable within the learning environment. Within a preschool, teachers are used to seeing many different personalities in children. As children grow and develop, their behavior shifts. With all the changes that occur in their lives and the sensory messages they are […]

Educational Games And Science Experiments For Preschoolers

Parents today have many competing demands to contend with; scheduling play dates, after school activities appointments, work, and errands. Quality time with your children is precious and necessary for the child-parent relationship. You can also help with your children’s development by playing games and creating experiments that are fun but also educational. There are educational […]

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