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Hurricane Awareness Tips For Happy Preschoolers

Hurricane season in South Florida generally starts from the 1st of June until the end of November and for parents, with preschoolers, it can be a terrifying time, especially if your little ones don’t understand what’s happening. It’s important that you teach your children about hurricanes and what they should do. Teaching safety to pre-schoolers […]

Tips To Ready Your Child For Their First Day At Daycare

The first day in a new place is scary no matter your age. It only makes sense that going to daycare for the first time, or going to a different daycare, can be overwhelming for your child. This is usually the first time that they are away from you for an extended period of time […]

A Guide To Preschool Children’s Speech Skills

Speaking is the main form of communication between children and adults and even children and children. Helping your child with their speech skills can help them communicate with each other and adults. The most important stage of child development is from birth to the age of three, here it is critical for you to help […]

What Do My Children Learn At Preschool?

The importance of early childhood education can’t be stressed enough. Preschool is what sets the path for your child’s academic success. The aim of preschool (pre- kindergarten) should be to prepare your child for kindergarten, future learning, and to facilitate the growth and development of important skills. It can be considered as the foundation to […]

Fun Exercises To Keep Preschool Children Moving This Summer

During the summer break, children just want to relax and have fun, but because of the era we live in today, this involves watching TV, playing video games or using some other device that does not require them to put in much effort or movement. This summer, you can prevent your child from spending endless […]

Summer Camp Boredom Busters For Children

Summer time can be stressful for many parents. Every year, parents need to rediscover ways to keep their children entertained during their summer break. At the start of the break, children are very excited, but this can quickly change and turn into boredom – leaving you and your child frustrated. Planning ahead is crucial to […]

Is My Child ADD or ADHD And What Is The Difference?

Understanding the difference between ADD and ADHD has become even increasingly necessary as more and more children are diagnosed with this condition. To the average person, hyperactivity is one thing while having a short attention span is another. In more serious cases, these tendencies are linked to childhood development conditions known as ADD and ADHD. These […]

Dealing With Lice At Summer Camp

Summer camp is a fantastic way for your child to develop their skills, both socially and athletically, and to give them the best memories possible! These memories are not made without your child interacting with other children and unfortunately running the risk of catching head lice. Head lice is very coming among children attending pre-school, […]

Activities For Kids To Help The Environment

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child. You want them to get the best education, you want them to learn and grow in ways where you can ensure that they are given all the opportunities to have a bright and fruitful future. But what about the environment they grow up in? Not just their home or school, […]

Signs Of Learning Disabilities In Children

One of the most important roles of a preschool teacher is being able to recognize the different learning levels of the children they teach. If a child has a certain learning disability then the teacher can successfully prepare the child for their transition into kindergarten. It is often more difficult to distinguish a learning disability such […]

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