How to Strengthen the Home-School Connection

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Strengthen the Link Between Child, Preschool, and Home

Strengthening the connection between home and school is particularly important when young children attend child preschool, although parents sometimes struggle integrating the two environments. Some of the best ways to bolster this connection is by engaging with both your child and their teacher through the following means.

What’s in Your Backpack?
Your average preschooler likes to tell stories, especially about what he or she may have learnt. Asking you child what they have brought home with them in their backpack helps to encourage this. As you unpack your child’s backpack, get them to explain what the meaning of the different contents are – if you find a drawing of a tree, ask them why they drew it or what they know about trees. This shows your child that you are interested in what they learn, and will encourage them to pay attention so they can come home and show you what they did. If you constantly comment on their work, they will become more self-confident and proud of their achievements.

The best way to discover what your child is learning about or how they are functioning within the school environment is to talk to their teacher. Maintaining constant communication is key to strengthening the home-school relationship, so try to make an appointment to see your child’s teacher regularly, or simply phone them whenever convenient. It is far easier to gauge your child’s personal experience with a one-on-one conversation than it is during a crowded parent-teacher conference. Moreover, if your child knows that there is connection between parent and teacher, they will realize that school life and home life are connected.

However, as a parent, you must also remember to communicate with your child. Question them about their day, whether or not they like their teacher or if they have made any new friends. You can also ask your child (or the class teacher, if your child doesn’t know) what book they are reading or song they are learning. Then actively try and take out the book from a library of buy it and read it with your child, or download the song and play it in the car or at home. This way your child will notice a connection between home and school, as opposed to seeing the two as separate entities.

Redefine Homework
Media projects images of homework as something all children hate doing because it prevents them from enjoying themselves and having fun. It is seen as an unpleasant, solitary experience. However, this does not need to be the case. Although preschoolers do not get regular, difficult homework, many schools still require preschoolers to complete assignments at home. Oftentimes parents disagree with the notion that their young children should be working overtime, which can lead to negative connotations surrounding the idea of homework. Rather than allowing your frustration or work-related stress to show, take the time to sit down with your child and go over what they have been assigned. Take the time to sit down and write out letters with them. This in turn will show your child that you are willing to actively engage with their educational experience while simultaneously building the structures for positive homework experiences.

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