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Preschools Care for Earth Day

The children are the future, and the best time to instill the importance of environmental conservation in them is as soon as possible.  This can be done as early as pre-school, and if you are wondering how preschools care for Earth Day, here are some fun and interactive ideas that you can do with the […]

Preschool Care Suited to Your Child

Knowing Best which Preschool Care is Suited to Your Child Knowing your child’s needs is best left to you, the parent. In watching them play, eat, sleep, socialize, you are the most equipped to make choices on what kind of preschool care is suits your child’s needs. There are many factors to consider – your […]

Gaming Through Your Children’s Academy

How a Children’s Academy Uses Games to Help Learning Enjoyment Mathematics is considered one of the most important subjects for early childhood development. It will be the subject with the highest focus in your children’s academy. Yet math has a terrifying stigma around it. It is considered incredibly hard and doing math can cause anxiety […]

Striking a Natural Balance

Outdoor Learning in Preschool Centers In the modern world, a trend toward a more sedentary lifestyle has been noted. This cultural shift has reduced the access, appeal and use of the outdoors as a potential play area and learning environment for children. There are many reasons for this shift: safety concerns, advancements in technology and […]

A Holiday Season for All

Cultural Tolerance at Child Academies Multiple cultures make up the population of the United States, making it a diverse playground for children growing up. Creating an awareness in children about this diversity from a young age is crucial for an ever-growing globalized population. Preschool is often the first place where children are brought into contact […]

Do We Speak Their Language?

The Balance of Communication by Licensed Preschool Providers Licensed preschool providers should be able to cater towards all aspects of your child’s development. For this to be carried out effectively at preschools, teachers and other adults need to understand the importance of communication with the children. If done properly, this can advance a child’s development […]

Creative Halloween Creations

Preschool Centers Have Creative Fun at Halloween Children who participate in the arts at preschool centers develop dexterity, passion, and confidence. These children learn healthy risk taking, develop problem solving abilities, special acuity, communication proficiency, and collaborative skills. Creativity encourages tolerance, focus and commitment. These are very good reasons for you to encourage your little […]

Don’t Satellite Your Baby

Affordable Preschool Options Close to Home One of the many challenges for parents today is to find an affordable preschool. With both parents having to work full time to make ends meet, providing safe childcare for their children is an expensive problem in many states. This has led to a phenomenon called satellite babies. This […]

How to Recognize and Deal with Signs of Bullying

Preschool Care and Bullying If we can teach our children to care for one another and to respect our differences, we are fulfilling a very important function for the future of our planet. Preschool care is often the first opportunity for children to learn how to interact with others. Bullying 101 The preschool teacher must […]

Surviving The First Day of Preschool

Surviving The First Day: Tips From Preschool Providers Summer is almost over, and with it comes the first day of preschool for many little children out there. Leaving your young child in the hands of teachers and preschool providers can be a very daunting idea, but the experience doesn’t have to be negative. We’ve compiled […]

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