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A Truly Exciting Summer Camp Experience

It’s almost time for summer and if you’re a parent you’ve probably already thought about which summer camp will be best for your child. Whether your child prefers the outdoors – hiking, camping, or playing sport – or whether they are happier inside – painting, singing, or acting – there are always fun choices available. If you know your child’s interests then it is relatively easy to find a program which would suit them and, of course, be very enjoyable. To make sure that the weeks or months when your child is away at camp are fun, it’s important to do some research about the camp options in your state. Many places will offer a specialized program or plan which will immediately grab your child’s attention, while others offer such a wide range of activities that something is bound to click with your child. If your child doesn’t have any particular interests, or enjoys many different activities, then a program with plenty of optional activities will probably be the most suitable. Summer camp can be fun for a number of reasons, aside from the organized activities on offer; it’s a time for children to grow and learn new things, to eat different food and to meet new people. Sometimes the most fun part of camp is socializing! Just because a summer camp is filled with fun activities it doesn’t mean that it will not be educational. The best places include some form of education, and this can be a lot of fun, too.

Types of Summer Camps
Not all summer camps are hiking in the woods or singing around a campfire; in fact, some camps offer specialized and unique programs, allowing children to engage with anything from art to modern dance, or from cooking to computer programming. These programs have had to catch up with interests of modern schoolchildren, who have been brought up in a technology-rich environment. Some children enjoy leaving technology, and other luxuries, behind for a few weeks but this isn’t a requirement of these camps anymore. If your child is more comfortable in an indoors, technology-rich setting then summer camp is still a fun and educational option. Children often benefit from doing things which are outside of their comfort zone, and so if your child has never been camping in the woods before then maybe this is a good time to give it a try!

Learning Can Be Fun
The best experience will encourage your child to learn something new. As a parent you may be afraid of mentioning the word ‘education’ alongside ‘fun’, but camp can be the best combination of the two! Programs should aim to mix activities in which children learn things with physical activities and games which can make learning fun. Find out about whether your potential program offers field tips to nearby national monuments or parks; field trips which include some sort of structured activity are a fun way for children to learn. A good camp will offer indoor activities alongside outdoor ones. Children need time and space to exert all of their energy, and so it’s important to have a balance of learning and play. Organized sports and other physical games are also fun ways of learning in themselves.

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