Getting the Most Out of Summer Camp

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Making The Most Out Of The Summer Camp Experience

What are the best things that you remember about summer camp? Whatever your memories are, as a loving parent, you naturally want your child to have the best experiences.

Freedom and Independence
Some children feel very nervous on their first day of camp. They may be a little and shy and even though they have been to school, the idea may be a little daunting. With the loving guidance of the counsellors at Providence, your child is introduced to a world of freedom and independence. Free from boredom, free from the pressures of school, and free to discover themselves. Summer camp teaches children to be independent and to let go of fear. There are many other children who cannot wait to experience the fun and explore all the latest activities.

Having Fun Outdoors
The activities are designed to bring out the best in your children. Playing outdoors is an essential part of growing up. A summer camp offers a safe space to acquire the gross motor skills that we all need to become strong and balanced adults. Water games are a favorite, children can swim, jump, and play for hours, with a feeling of total safety. Within the boundaries of the school and with the help of experienced instructors, they become more confident in their bodies. With new experiences the children meet new challenges. Overcoming them in the spirit of safety and fun, these lessons are never forgotten. The children also learn teamwork and sportsmanship.

Making Friends and Learning To Socialize
Summer camp is a place where lifelong friendships are made. Gaining self-confidence through play and teamwork, your children learn to make friends. Away from sibling rivalry, and with observant counsellors, a close knit group is formed. Activities and programs appropriate to age groups teach your child to be sociable and happy. Games are planned to teach communication and participation. The physical, mental and emotional growth that your children experience through the summer months is supported and nurtured at Providence’s summer camp.

Learning New Skills Outside the Classroom
One of the great benefits of sending your child to camp is the new skills that are learnt. Through the medium of fun and educational themes, the children learn drama, music, dance, clowning, juggling, art and many more essential skills. These activities are designed and taught by experts. Through art, drama, and play the imagination is stimulated and self-esteem is improved. Emotional and physical tensions are relieved and empathy and relaxation is encouraged. Academic programs are also available to help children prepare for the new year.

A Welcome Break
As a parent, it is emotionally, physically, and mentally rewarding to know that you children are having fun in the summer holidays. It gives you a welcome break and the opportunity to really enjoy the time you do spend with them. Providence offers early pick up and late drop off options. The value in the knowledge that your children are safe and happy during the summer vacation is priceless.

To make the most out of your child’s summer, be sure to enroll them in Providence Children’s Academy’s summer camp program every year.

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