What Makes a Great Preschool Center?


What Makes a Preschool Center Great?

Choosing a good preschool center for your child could be one of the most important decisions you make in their early years. Your child will be spending a lot of their waking hours in the environment that the preschool center creates so you want to make sure that they are getting the best possible experience from it. But what exactly makes a great preschool center?

Preschool Center Reputation
The most reliable way to find a good preschool center is through word of mouth. Ask someone that you trust about preschool centers that they have tried out or looked at and what they think of it. Talk to them about the things that they liked and the things that didn’t work out too well for them too. Another good way to find out about a preschool center’s reputation is to look at online reviews, testimonials, and sites such as Yelp! If you find a place that you are interested in, don’t be afraid to ask them for references that you can then call up yourself. A good preschool will have many good reviews and people will be able to point out specific aspects that are beneficial.

Communication is Key
A good preschool center will welcome parent involvement in all aspects of school life and will encourage open lines of communication between child, parent, and teacher to ensure that your child is getting the most out of their preschool experience. Open communication means less stress for you, the teacher is able to better understand your child, and your child is able to communicate any possible concerns.

Policies and Rules
While having an open relationship with families and open lines of communication is important, you also want your preschool center to have established routines and regulations to ensure the health and safety of your child and to instil a sense of discipline in your child. A good preschool will have clearly defined policies and rules that govern everything they do. At Providence Children’s Academy we focus on creating a nurturing environment that stimulates all forms of growth – mental, physical, social, and emotional – while encouraging fun, play, and healthy lifestyles.

Equal Focus on Education, Health, and Play
If you find a preschool center that can focus their energy on all three of these aspects then you have found a winner. Not only do you want your child to have a good grounding for further education, but you also want them to develop into strong, healthy and active individuals with good social skills – all the while having fun while they do so. A preschool center with a good curriculum, healthy meals, great indoor and outdoor play areas, and a nurturing fun environment is a sign that your child will be in excellent hands.

Staff Matters
There are a few important points about staff that you should take note of if you are looking for a good preschool center: low teacher/child ratios, low staff turnover, caring staff, and well qualified staff are just a few of the most important. You want to know that your child is receiving the individual care and attention that they need from a qualified member of staff at all times.

Even if a preschool center meets all the above criteria it is important to remember that the best way to gauge whether they are the right fit for your family is to see if your child enjoys coming to school. The school can be the best option on paper but your child’s happiness should come first.

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