Why Your Child Will Love Infant Daycare

infant daycare

Infant daycare is something that benefits both child and parent! Not only will your little one love daycare, but you will have time to get back to work or take some “me time” and regain your sanity! Providence Children’s Academy can provide you with peace of mind that your child is in the best of hands in an environment that is both stimulating, encouraging and safe. If you have an infant child, read here to find out more about why daycare is definitely something you should consider.

Why Is Infant Daycare Important For My Child

For some parents, the thought of being without your child and leaving her/him in the hands of others is daunting! You might also believe that your child will be scared and unhappy to go through this separation. However, there are so many reasons why daycare – and even the parent-child separation – is good for all parties involved and an important part of growing up. Below are 5 ways in which infant daycare will benefit your child (and you!):

  1. Establishing Routine

    Although it might seem surprising, any expert will tell you that not only do young children need routine, they enjoy it too! Daycare gives young children a sense of structure; introducing them to rules and routines (such as playtime, lunch time, sleep time, etc.) and teaching order instead of chaos. This enables children to ‘predict’ the next activity; a stability that is both comforting and necessary.

  2. Establishing Relationships and Social Skills

    Your infant will start to develop a bond with their teacher and will enjoy having their name called! As they spend more time with your child, the teachers will get to know your child’s personality and pick up on their individual developmental needs, and a sense of trust will be formed between infant and teacher. As humans we are incredibly social beings, and so being in a daycare surrounded by lots of other children will not only be a fun experience but an educational one as well! Your child will learn to interact with others and make friends – a very important building block for later life!

  3. Offering Fun and Education

    Teachers know all about age-appropriate activities and games for your child’s age group. Play is the primary form of learning for young children, and your child will have plenty of toys and games to explore their world with. Activities such as art, story-reading, singing songs and play will offer your child a range of learning techniques. Studies have shown a consistent educational benefit of infant daycare!

  4. Coping With Separation

    Daycare will teach your child (and you!) to cope with separation anxiety. Of course, there will be times when your child cries and misses their parent, but having a portion of their day spent apart from you will start to teach them that they can’t always be with you when they want to. This helps later when children start kindergarten or need to be left at home with a babysitter, or at a friend’s house for a sleepover.

  5. Giving Parents Alone Time

    Many parents today have work obligations – having a reliable and safe space to leave your infant every weekday gives you peace of mind while you work – even if you do not work, having this time to yourself will enable you to pursue leisure activities and hobbies.

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