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We understand that for parents the time when you must send your little one to preschool can be difficult – not just for the child, but for you too! Not only will you have to get used to the separation, but you might also worry about the safety and wellbeing of your child during school hours. At Providence Children’s Academy, we want to create a comfortable and controlled environment for a safe preschool and put your mind at ease! In order to ensure your child is safe while at school we have implemented several key technology systems that maintain safety as a top priority.

How Technology Creates A Safe Preschool For Your Child

At Providence Children’s Academy we have set up two main technological systems that keep our preschool safe and secure. It might be interesting to you to note that we are the only school in Coconut Creek, Florida to offer these methods of security. These systems should put you at ease that your child is in good hands.

  • Fingerprint Access

    Having a controlled number of fingerprints saved into our system means that not just anyone can enter the school buildings! Parents, caretakers and teachers (or other school staff) will be admitted by means of a fingerprint scanner to enter rooms or buildings. This is especially useful during pick up and drop off times, when there is a large number of people around the school at once and access control could not otherwise be monitored as carefully.

  • Webcam Viewing For Parents

    We know it can be a difficult thought for parents to be so separate from their kids during preschool hours! You might wish to ‘keep an eye’ on your child while they are at school, so we have installed webcams into classrooms so that you can do this! Access the footage on your phone, wherever you are at home or the office. This allows you to watch your child interact with others as they learn and play.

  • Locked Doors

    We keep all exit doors locked at all times of the day!

Have These Measures Been Successful?
  • Why not take a real-life example of how our fingerprint access and webcam facilities have been a success! One of our parents was a highly concerned mother. She was worried that her son was unhappy at preschool because he struggled to separate from his mother every morning when it came to drop-off time. Staying for a day to watch him was not possible for her as she worked a demanding job! When she discovered that thanks to our webcam cameras she could actually check up on her son and his interactions while at the office, she was quickly reassured that her son was in fact having a great time at preschool! She could observe him playing, drawing and being around other children, and could see that he enjoyed himself.
  • As for the fingerprint access, we can definitely confirm that it has been a useful tool in maintaining a safe preschool! We know that the drop-off and collection times are busy, and for a staff member to control who comes in and out is not always possible! This is the case at many schools where there is not sufficient access control. This is where this technology comes into play: only select persons are able to enter and come into contact with the children!

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