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Surviving The First Day of Preschool

Surviving The First Day: Tips From Preschool Providers Summer is almost over, and with it comes the first day of preschool for many little children out there. Leaving your young child in the hands of teachers and preschool providers can be a very daunting idea, but the experience doesn’t have to be negative. We’ve compiled […]

Should I Redshirt My Child?

Redshirting Advice from Providence Children’s Academy There’s no one on this planet that understands your child better than you do. However, the problem that many parents have is whether or not they should red-shirt their child. Redshirting a child means that you’ll wait an extra year before enrolling your child in kindergarten. Parents usually have […]

Summer Fun at Camp

A Truly Exciting Summer Camp Experience It’s almost time for summer and if you’re a parent you’ve probably already thought about which summer camp will be best for your child. Whether your child prefers the outdoors – hiking, camping, or playing sport – or whether they are happier inside – painting, singing, or acting – […]

The Benefits of VPK

How Free VPK Benefits Children One of the advantages of raising a family in Florida is access to free Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) programs. The VPK program gives young children a head start in their education. But some parents may be wondering how much a four-year-old can really learn. Are we putting too much pressure on […]

A Day in the Life of a Preschool Teacher

A Teacher’s Day with the Best Preschool Curriculum Every day is very different in the life of a preschool teacher. Even with the best preschool curriculum, the fact that she is working with children, guarantees that the day will be guided by the needs and demands of these little ones. Start of the Day Arrival […]

Everything You Need to Know About Free VPK

The A-Z of VPK in Florida From a Free VPK Provider Kindergarten is an integral and essential aspect of childhood education as well as development. The kindergarten that your child attends will shape their mind, learning ability, and thinking. What the VPK program aims to do is to prepare children for kindergarten, essentially giving them […]

The Importance of Character Development in Preschool

Character Development With Preschool Providers Our current society is not very ‘kid friendly’. We live in a world where a certain type of body image is promoted to children from a very young age, where the media emphasizes violence, and where kindness and care are not skills considered necessary to become well-developed human beings. Preschool […]

Quick and Healthy Breakfasts for Preschoolers

Licensed Preschool Provider’s Ideas for Quick Breakfast As a parent, you’ll know how hard it can be to get your preschooler to eat healthily. Luckily most licensed preschool providers serve nutritious lunches everyday, but breakfast time can still be a real challenge. Cereal or other quick snacks like doughnuts might seem like the easiest option […]

How to Strengthen the Home-School Connection

Strengthen the Link Between Child, Preschool, and Home Strengthening the connection between home and school is particularly important when young children attend child preschool, although parents sometimes struggle integrating the two environments. Some of the best ways to bolster this connection is by engaging with both your child and their teacher through the following means. […]

Dealing With Preschool Bullying

Talk to Your Childcare Provider to Prevent Bullying The biggest concern that parents have when sending their children to preschool is that their children are kept safe and happy. Unfortunately bullying seems to begin at an early age, and it is vital that this behavior be recognized and stopped before it becomes entrenched. Through playing […]

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