Pre-K Program Prep

Pre-K (short for pre-kindergarten) is an early learning curriculum that allows for children to develop the necessary skills that will prepare them for Kindergarten. VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) is a Pre-K program offered for free in Florida for all 4-5 year-olds. It is similar to preschool, in that it aims to give your child a head […]

Preparing Your Child For VPK

Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK), like the name suggests, is a program that is offered to 4-year-olds to prepare them socially and academically for starting kindergarten the following year. At Providence Children’s Academy, we offer a VPK program that is designed to shape your child’s mind, and give them the learning, thinking and social skills that is […]

How An Early Learning Program Can Help Create A Better School Experience

As parents, you will know all about the benefits of education. However, not all parents are aware that the benefits of early learning programs that go beyond education. These programs are specially designed for very young children, with ages ranging from birth to around 5 years old. Just as the word “early” suggests, these learning […]

VPK Preschool Providers

Providence Children’s Academy is proud to be one of Florida’s preschool providers – we offer Voluntary Prekindergarten or VPK, a helpful step in the beginning of your child’s education. The years your child spends at school are important and if they receive a strong foundation in the early years the easier they will find school […]

Everything You Need to Know About Free VPK

The A-Z of VPK in Florida From a Free VPK Provider Kindergarten is an integral and essential aspect of childhood education as well as development. The kindergarten that your child attends will shape their mind, learning ability, and thinking. What the VPK program aims to do is to prepare children for kindergarten, essentially giving them […]

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