Do We Speak Their Language?

Licensed preschool providersThe Balance of Communication by Licensed Preschool Providers

Licensed preschool providers should be able to cater towards all aspects of your child’s development. For this to be carried out effectively at preschools, teachers and other adults need to understand the importance of communication with the children. If done properly, this can advance a child’s development and enrich their experiences at preschool. If this is not done properly, your child’s learning and time at preschool can be greatly disadvantaged.

A balance must be reached. Children need to feel understood but they should also not start to think that they rule the roost.

Why is it important?
Understanding and communicating properly with preschoolers is important for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it helps boost their self-esteem. This encourages more positive and interested ways of engaging with their work. It increases wellbeing by showing that they are respected and that their teachers believe in them. It aids in their self-expression and overall development.

Social skills and social relationships are built up by continuous, nurturing and understanding communication with their peers and with adults. Preschools should grab every opportunity that they can in order to enhance these aspects of your child’s development. Language and communication skills can be reflected onto children throughout their school day.

Licensed preschool providers such as Providence Children’s Academy understand the value in proper communication with preschoolers. Factors such as children’s interests, confidence and vocabularies can be enhanced and refined when the right way of communicating with kids is reached. Child care providers are genuinely interested and involved in the lives of the children.

The people at Providence Children’s Academy ensure that the best possible methods of communication are used. Your child will be able to learn and grow in a nurturing and stimulating environment. They will be able to engage fully in a variety of activities that are planned and guided by caring teachers. Communication needs to be child-centered and reflect the individual’s needs and interests. At the same time, the children should understand respect as well as follow rules that are effectively relayed to them.

Children should not be spoken down to. A condescending manner will demotivate a child and negatively affect their academic, social and emotional wellbeing. Childcare providers must be able to talk with children rather than at them. School is hard enough. Acknowledgement and praise for their achievements (no matter how big or small) is also important and motivating. Being judgmental or critical of children also serves to discourage them.

Each child is different. They have different ways of communicating and interacting and different ways of processing these communications and interactions. Teachers and other adults need to be sensitive to all types of personalities. A good child care provider will be able to communicate with children in a caring and understanding manner. Yet at the same time, they should be able to challenge and enhance a child’s vocabulary. This will make the child feel appreciated and it will better their communication skills.

Proper communication with children encourages their development and the learning process. They should always know that what they are saying is important and that they are being listened to. This encourages all aspects of the learning process and provides them with vital social skills. These can be carried with them throughout their development as preschool is the building blocks of their lives. The right methods of teaching can ensure that your child receives the most out of their preschool experience.

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