The Benefits Of An After School Program

after school program

An after school program provides the perfect setup for you and your child. Your child gets to play in a safe and fun environment, which guarantees you peace of mind. Many of the parents at Providence Children’s Academy work, therefore our after school program is the ideal solution to help you with your busy schedule. On top of this, after school programs can also be beneficial for your child -here’s why:

Benefits of an After School Program for Your Child

An after school program can offer a wide variety of benefits for your child and you as a parent. It’s a good place to widen your child’s interests, for them to be introduced to new things, that can be interesting, different, challenging, or a bit of each. The structure of the program can really help your child with their development. There are many other benefits to an after school program – these include:

  1. Boosted Academic Performance

    • A program can provide a comfortable environment for your child to work on any problems with access to a tutor or teacher for help.
    • Additionally, your child can work on their homework, with any queries being individually addressed.
    • A program can also make learning fun, turning it into an opportunity to sing, dance or learn creatively.
  2. Better Physical Health

    • At after school, children are encouraged to run around and play outside. This is especially important considering how much time children spend indoors behind a screen.
  3. Improved Social Skills and Confidence

    • Children are encouraged to play with other children, providing them with more opportunities to interact and make friends.
    • It also allows them to make friends with other children who aren’t in their class, connecting with familiar kids in a different environment.
  4. Interacting with Other Adults

    • This can help your child to have positive relationships with adults, and make them feel more comfortable in confiding in a teacher or parent if they need help or are struggling with school.
  5. A Safe and Structured Environment for Children to be Themselves

    • A well-structured after school program creates a sense of belonging, allowing your child to productivity use their time. This can also help with kids that may have learning or attention issues.
    • An after school program has a more relaxed and informal environment than school, allowing your child to feel more comfortable and more willing to try new things.
    • A program can help promote cooperation and support, helping reluctant or shy children to feel more secure about joining in on games or starting conversations.

Most importantly, knowing that your child is happy and interacting with other children in a secure and maintained environment allows you the freedom to work or use your time how you need.

What Makes Providence Children’s Academy’s After School Program Different?

Our teachers are qualified and passionate about their roles, and trained in early childhood behavior to anticipate your child’s needs and connect with them on the right level. In addition, they are trained in first aid, preparing them with how to react accordingly in the unlikely event of an emergency. They know how to keep your child stimulated with the right balance of fun and education, while providing them with guidance in all areas of their lives.

We also offer daily extra-curricular activities that are designed to make homework fun, while including play and other hands-on activities. This helps to keep your child engaged and busy, while learning along the way. We explore skills like cooking, technology and science, helping your child to be exposed to many different activities and hobbies. And, with all the stimulation and fun going on, we make sure that your child doesn’t go hungry. We provide healthy but delicious, dietician-approved snacks, addressing any allergies with you.

And speaking of communication, we like to keep the channels open to make sure you know what is going on with your child. We have one-on-one sessions to address any queries or concerns and report on their progress. This allows you to keep up to date with their development. Call 954-570-6914 now to find out more about our after school program.

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