After School Care

What To Look For In An After School Program

An after school program should allow children to have fun, be themselves, and enable them to explore their personality in a safe and nurturing environment. How do you know that the after school program you are considering is right for you and your child? Here are a few key things to ask when looking at […]

What Makes A Good After School Program?

An after-school program is where your child goes outside of the normal school day, these programs incorporate many different areas of focus for your child to aid in their development and growth. While there are many benefits of after school care programs, it is important to make sure that the program right for both you […]

After-school Activities To Increase Development

After-school activities and programs can have an important effect of the development of your child in more than one way. Whether a team environment or more of an individual activity, the additional exposure allows your child to develop social and communication skills, contribute to a healthier lifestyle and enhance academic achievement. Better yet, these activities […]

How After-School Care Can Benefit Your Child

If you are a working parent it is likely you rely on after-school care for your child at the end of the school day! Not only is this facility a convenient solution for you and your family while you are at work, but after-school care also has some astounding benefits for children! Find out more […]

The Benefits Of An After School Program

An after school program provides the perfect setup for you and your child. Your child gets to play in a safe and fun environment, which guarantees you peace of mind. Many of the parents at Providence Children’s Academy work, therefore our after school program is the ideal solution to help you with your busy schedule. […]

Keep Your Child Active With After School Activities

Children growing up in the new modernized world are automatically expected to be well round individuals, having exceptional talents both mentally and physically. There is no longer such a thing as; “Text book knowledge is enough to create a stimulated well developed child” anymore. It’s the unfortunate modern mentality that your child has to be […]

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