The Best Summer Camps Combine Fun and Learning

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Although it may feel like spring only just started, when it comes to planning for your child’s summer camp you can never be too early. Soon enough summer will be upon us, so it’s best to choose a good camp that offers a combination of fun and learning to fully stimulate your child’s brain and body during the school holidays. Summer Camp Providence offers an exciting mix of educational and entertainment activities for children aged 5 to 12.

Fun in the Sun

School is out and the summer has started, which means your kids just want to have fun. Unfortunately, parents don’t get the same summer vacations as their children do, so it can be difficult to find ways to entertain your children and juggle a demanding work life at the same time. Camp providers understand that summer can be difficult to navigate as a parent, which is why Providence Children’s Academy offers a day camp program that is beneficial for you and enjoyable for your child.

One of the best parts of summer camp is the amount of fun children have playing outside. Safe, outdoor play is an integral part of growing up and allows children to flex their muscles, so to speak. They become more confident with their bodies and their ability to overcome obstacles and work in groups or teams, which in turn improves their communication skills and allows them to socialize with others in a happy, healthy environment.

Because Summer Camp Providence is based in Florida, some of the most fun children can have is playing in the water (with sunblock, of course). If they can’t already swim the children will be taught how to so that they don’t miss out on trips to the water park or fun in the pool.


Learning is Fun

Although children might associate learning with schoolbooks and homework, the educational activities at summer camp are very different from the classroom. Children are taught using play as an educational medium in order to show them that learning can be fun too. They are encouraged to experience nature from an educational standpoint while also playing outdoors, and are taught about the birds and butterflies that they can see with their own eyes.

What Are The Activities Your Child Will Enjoy?

  • Sports and Games

Children enjoy playing sports such as kickball, gymnastics and soccer, while also having the option to jump on a bouncy house or play childhood games like hop scotch and jump rope.

  • Field Trips

Children are taken on field trips to the movie theatre, IMAX exhibits, water parks and even a bowling alley.

  • Interactive Learning

At summer camp, kids learn about science and nature while simultaneously being exposed to the natural world. Providence also provides fun, interactive smartboard activities.

  • Creativity

Children are encouraged to explore their creative side by making things in specialized arts and crafts workshops, or by learning an instrument in music classes. They are also exposed to acting and encouraged to dance and participate in their own stage productions in order to build confidence.

  • Weekly Themes

Each week a new theme is introduced which allows children to dress up and take part in different activities, such as an American Idol themed contest where everyone can show off their talents or a Nick Jr. week where kids get to play with slime!


So although summer is still months away, it’s never too early to start looking for the perfect summer camp for your child, one that offers a scheduled blend of fun and learning that will make both you and your little one happy.

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