Summer Camps

How An Active Summer Program Helps Your Child’s Brain

Summer can be an important time for children because they’re out of school even while their brains are undergoing critical changes. It’s an ideal time to promote active habits that will benefit children both physically and cognitively throughout their life. If you are seeking ways to help keep your child healthy and learning during the […]

Summer Camp Crossword Puzzle

With summer vacation 2020 just around the corner, finding fun activities that can help develop young minds can be challenging. There are many benefits of summer camps – they are a great way for children to make new friends, learn a new sport or activity, and learn about the world around them, in a fun […]

Fun Summer Camps In Coconut Creek

It’s a little early to be talking about summer camp but time flies and soon enough you’ll need to find the perfect summer camp fit for your child. During the school break, from June to August children are often left at home to their own devices. A great boredom buster that ensures that your child […]

Fun Exercises To Keep Preschool Children Moving This Summer

During the summer break, children just want to relax and have fun, but because of the era we live in today, this involves watching TV, playing video games or using some other device that does not require them to put in much effort or movement. This summer, you can prevent your child from spending endless […]

Summer Camp Boredom Busters For Children

Summer time can be stressful for many parents. Every year, parents need to rediscover ways to keep their children entertained during their summer break. At the start of the break, children are very excited, but this can quickly change and turn into boredom – leaving you and your child frustrated. Planning ahead is crucial to […]

Dealing With Lice At Summer Camp

Summer camp is a fantastic way for your child to develop their skills, both socially and athletically, and to give them the best memories possible! These memories are not made without your child interacting with other children and unfortunately running the risk of catching head lice. Head lice is very coming among children attending pre-school, […]

The Importance Of Summer Programs For Kids Development

Every summer, millions of children from all across the United States of America attend summer camps. The first summer camp was held in the 1870s and as years passed its popularity grew until it became, what is considered by many, to be a tradition in our country. Despite this, parents still have questions about when […]

How Summer Camp Keeps Kids Active

Summer camp can offer your child a variety of benefits, such as keeping them active, challenging them mentally and building friendships. It is important to keep these things in mind when deciding what to do with your child over the summer. ​​​​​​Promoting Physically Active A big part of summer camp is physical activity. There are […]

Educational Camp Is Still Super Fun

With a range of activities for kids aged 5-12, summer camp at Providence Children’s Academy is not only educational, it’s fun too! This camp equips your child with valuable life skills that are applicable to all areas of life, such as honesty, teamwork, respect and independence. Our aim is a balance between work and play, […]

Finding A Fun Summer Camp

Summer camps can be something that a child either enjoys and looks forward to the entire year or is a dreaded occurrence that causes anxiety and distress. Understanding what makes summer camps enjoyable and where to find the most suitable and fun summer camp for your child can end up being a once-in-a-lifetime experience for […]

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