Preschool Activities

Activities For Kids To Help The Environment

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child. You want them to get the best education, you want them to learn and grow in ways where you can ensure that they are given all the opportunities to have a bright and fruitful future. But what about the environment they grow up in? Not just their home or school, […]

The Importance Of Music And Sound In Infant Activities

Babies have the potential to become musical. They like and respond to music, song and sounds. Scientists and research have shown that babies benefit from being in a musical environment. Music affects the physical, emotional and intellectual development and help to strengthen and improve cognition and sensation. At Providence Children’s Academy, we believe that music […]

Infant Education – The Games Children Need To Play

Play is about more than just having fun, it’s also an easy opportunity to teach your child learning skills, vital for their maturity and development. For infants between 0-2 years old, there are many games that can be played to encourage their development and social interaction. As a parent, it’s important to stimulate your child […]

Beam Brings Interactive Learning To A New Level

As a parent, you always want the best for your child – ensuring that they receive a good foundation that could give them a head start to a brighter future is part of that. Children are known to respond better with interactive learning by using their senses and interacting physically in the tasks they need […]

Educational Games And Science Experiments For Preschoolers

Parents today have many competing demands to contend with; scheduling play dates, after school activities appointments, work, and errands. Quality time with your children is precious and necessary for the child-parent relationship. You can also help with your children’s development by playing games and creating experiments that are fun but also educational. There are educational […]

Mixing Tech and Play in Preschool Activities

Depending on where you went to preschool when you were younger, you can safely admit that preschool activities now vs preschool activities back then are very different. Many of us were not exposed to technology in the classroom and technology has now become an extremely huge part of our lives. When introducing your children to […]

Preschool Games For All Age Groups

Preschool facilities typically provide formal and informal education for children under the age of six, at which point compulsory schooling is required. This early childhood education is necessary to develop a range of skills including social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. One way to refine and develop these skills is through preschool games. Indoor Preschool Games […]

Fall-Time Preschool Activities

Preschool is a time of learning, and fall-time preschool activities is especially good as it allows the little ones to get back to nature. Fall-time preschool activities can be creative, and can include an element of science as well. The Crafty Activities There are so many things that you can do with your preschoolers. One […]

The Importance of Play in Your Preschool Curriculum

When your child first enters the schooling arena they are introduced to a whole new world. They meet new children, start learning academics, and build a sense of the world around them. Finding a preschool curriculum that incorporates play as an important aspect will ensure that your child is not forced into a curriculum that […]

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