Celebrate Children’s Week With Your Preschooler


This year, the 29th Annual Children’s Week in Florida will take place between February 25 and March 1, 2024. It’s the perfect time to not only celebrate your preschooler but also to engage with them in fun activities designed to help them learn and grow. There are a variety of events happening throughout the week including outreach efforts, activities, and interactive events.

Child-Centered Activities My Preschooler May Love

Honestly, there is no better way to engage a preschooler than through play. It’s an important part of daily learning and allows children to learn in a way that’s not only on their level but also fun and engaging. Having regular play time with your child not only increases your bonding time with them but helps them develop in more ways than one. Not only will their concentration develop, but depending on the skills learned through play, they may better their fine motor skills, coordination, and more.

  • Playing With Sand

Sand is such a fun thing to play with and can be a fun activity for all ages to engage in. Building sandcastles and digging, scooping, shaping pathways, and the like will teach your child how to utilize not only their hands but also the tools around them to make things work. It engages them both mentally and physically as they think about what they’d like to build and how it works and then put those thoughts into practice. Playing alongside your child makes it a team effort where you’ll communicate with each other, and your child will learn from your examples. If you’re not too fond of the beach or communal parks, using kinetic sand is a great way to build and play within the comfort of your home.

  • Kids In The Kitchen

What better way to not only stimulate your child’s development than by cooking or making simple and easy treats for them to enjoy. There are many easy and tasty recipes online that you can use as inspiration when in the kitchen with your preschooler. Cooking together will also help your little one develop valuable life skills for the future. For fun and tasty kid-friendly recipe ideas, there are plenty of different recipes available online.

  • Playing With Water

There are numerous ways that you can use water as a play tool. Using a semi-significant amount of water in a controlled and safe environment will help children experiment with concepts such as volume. For example: If a cup holds x amount of water, how many cups are needed to fill the bowl? There are numerous ways you can use water to boost your child’s hand-eye coordination and even physical strength when playing with water.

  • Playing Dress-Up

Children should have very active imaginations. Playing dress-up or role-playing scenarios with your little one will not only stimulate their imagination but can also help them understand the adult world. Your child may want to dress up as a knight, superhero, doctor, astronaut, or even royalty. Encourage them to find out what their interests are through dressing up. Pair this activity with reading a storybook relevant to their dress-up or role-play, and you’ll combine learning and play together.

  • Engaging In Sensory Playtime

Sensory playtime is a range of activities you can do with your child. It’s any activity that involves any of the five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound. It can be as simple as using jelly for touch, sight, and taste or making use of shakers for touch, sight, and sound. Sensory playtime is a great way to stimulate your child’s five senses.

  • Outdoor Playtime

Head into the great outdoors with your preschooler this children’s week! Granted, you don’t need to venture very far. A trip to the local park is a great way to teach your child about the environment. Not only will this help stimulate their inquisitive natures, but it’s also a great opportunity for them to learn more about the fauna and flora in the area.

  • Arts & Crafts

Making use of paints or crafting simple things together with your little one is a great way to let your preschooler express themselves in a safe space. Not only will it help them better express their thoughts, which can be very difficult to put into words when you’re that age, but it will also help them develop fine motor skills for writing at a later stage. Crafting can be done with anything ranging from making clouds with cotton wool to using toilet paper rolls to make rockets. The possibilities are limitless if you and your preschooler work together this children’s week!

  • Sing-A-Long Song & Dance

At one stage or another, every parent, when they were the same age as their little one, had a favorite song that they would sing all day if they could. Your preschooler is the same, and even if listening to the same song isn’t ideal, there’s no better fun to be had for your little one than to sing along to a favorite song with you! Dance together and make memories to this specific song (or songs). You can even try doing a very simple dance together to make it even more fun. Acting silly with your preschooler will allow them to express themselves better.

In fact, one of the best things you can do to create child-centered activities this children’s week is to ask your preschooler what they’d like to do. Give them options and choices, or find out if they’ve learned or heard of activities in class that interest them. Incorporating things children learn at preschool will help reinforce what they learn at school. This will help promote creativity and independence and teach your little one to take the initiative, all while having fun.

Nicole Rachel
Nicole Rachel
Cannot say enough good things about this daycare. All the teachers and front office are so nice, caring and accommodating. Sending our kids here was the best decision we made!
The best preschool in Broward! Mr. John and his staff are truly amazing at what they do. He takes time to not only get to know the children that come to his preschool, but the parents as well! He’s very proactive with the families, and is so welcoming to all. The school is very clean, the teachers are so nice, and the front office staff are always a pleasure. I highly recommend this place, and trust them wholeheartedly with my children.
Diane Ware
Diane Ware
Safe, loving Place for our babies!
Krystal Rumph
Krystal Rumph
I absolutely love this school. The curriculum is on point... my son loves it and does not want to leave. This is his last year and I’m actually sad that he has to move on to a higher level but I’m also proud that he has the knowledge to move forward. Very innovative in finding new ways for the kids to learn.
Yaritzza Gonzalez
Yaritzza Gonzalez
My daughter started here at 3 months and I don’t regret it at all. The staff is amazing, very caring, and the owners are great as well. Anything that’s going on they will let you know right away, & not to mention they have cameras :) I would watch the cameras literally all the time and now I forget that I even have it because I trust Ms. Ana & Ms. Barbara with my babygirl so much. This school is definitely a blessing ❤️
Dan A
Dan A
The owners are great and have always been extremely helpful, caring and fair to us. The teachers and staff are awesome and the kids love it here. I would recommend this school to any friend or family member. Starbucks, gas station and Sawgrass entrance right next to it make this place incredibly convenient as well.
Corlene Hickman
Corlene Hickman
Love our second family at Providence!

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