Preschool Activities

Preschool Games: Roll & Cross Math

As parents, it’s easy to love games that keep your child both entertained and learning, this Roll & Cross Math game ticks both of those boxes. Playable indoors as well as out, this all-weather preschool game is sure to keep your children occupied and working on their fine motor skills. What You Need A tissue […]

Five Fun Spring-Inspired Preschool Activities

Springtime is fast approaching which means that it is nearly time to get some fresh air in the house and let the kids run rampant in the garden. These play times are important for young children to develop creatively, physically and cognitively. Preschool activities can help achieve this by creating a fun experience that also […]

Preschool Science Projects That Excite Young Learners

Science projects create some of the best school memories. They’re visually interesting, exciting for learners, and educational, even if the child doesn’t realize it. There are also many advantages to early STEM education, ranging from the scientific to the creative. Here are some of our favorite preschool science experiments that you can do at home. […]

Developmental Infant Activities

A child’s early months are vital for the good progression of developmental skills. A high-quality infant education program puts the focus onto learning and interaction that’s suitable for the child’s age and current development progress. Here are some simple infant activities you can do at home to promote the development of your child’s visual, language, […]

Quiet Time Preschool Activities For Young Children

Even when children have outgrown nap time, they still benefit from an hour or two of less intense play. After a busy day of preschool learning, quiet time allows them to recharge so they can make it through the rest of the day’s activities without a nap. We know it can feel as if your […]

Playful Games & Activities For Preschool Class

Preschoolers love to learn through hands-on games and activities. They definitely won’t learn by sitting through a full lecture in their preschool class, so making sure that they have something to create or a problem to solve is a wonderful way to help expand their minds and get them ready for the schooling years to […]

Holiday Inspired Crafts & After School Activities

The festive season is upon us and what better way to get your kids excited than to have them create their own holiday crafts to display in your home. Craft time is an important after school activity to get your children to think creatively and enjoy themselves while still feeling like they’ve made something special. […]

DIY Costumes For Your Preschool Halloween Party

With Halloween quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about our preschool’s annual Halloween Parade and Party! While it may be easy to grab the latest superhero or princess costume off of the rack, creating a DIY costume is a great, and easy, way to show off your creativity and get your child involved in […]

6 Educational, Halloween-Inspired Preschool Activities

With summer gone and fall finally here, it’s almost time to get ready for one of our favorite holidays of the year, Halloween! Candy, pumpkins, and costumes are just a few of the wonderful parts of the holiday, and we’re here to bring you some educational, but still fun, Halloween-inspired preschool activities for your child. […]

Activities To Help Children Get Back Into Their Preschool Routine

Returning to preschool after the summer break can be challenging for children, parents, and teachers. Even children who enjoy going to school can find the first day after the break overwhelming. Waking up earlier to commute to school, spending more time away from their parents, and learning new concepts in a short space of time are […]

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