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With a range of activities for kids aged 5-12, summer camp at Providence Children’s Academy is not only educational, it’s fun too! This camp equips your child with valuable life skills that are applicable to all areas of life, such as honesty, teamwork, respect and independence. Our aim is a balance between work and play, to help shape your child into a well-rounded individual.

Our camp is not a passive learning experience, as the children are learning by doing! Summer camp is full of active participation, ensuring your child is kept healthy and fit during the summer break. The children are supervised at all times, as we strive to provide an environment and atmosphere that is’ home away from home’. We know how hard it is for children to let go of their parents! However, getting them out of their comfort zone in a safe and fun environment will help make the process a little easier, as it will allow your child to gain a little more independence. Summer camp will leave your child a more confident, independent individual that is willing to explore and discover more about the world around them.
We offer a range of activities designed to aid in holistic development, from creativity and imagination to the outdoors and physical activity!

Activities at Summer Camp

  • Physical Activities! These fun activities are aimed at the outdoors, to rediscover a love for outdoor play (and at the same time avoid too much TV in future). Activities include sports catered to both team and individual play, such as soccer and gymnastics. This helps in developing motor skills and coordination, as well as developing a passion for the outdoors.
  • Educational Activities. Our educational activities are interactive and exciting. We make use of an interactive smartboard, making learning an immersive and fun experience. Among learning values and life skills, your child will be introduced to other exciting things, such as science and nature. We also have fun activities that develop imagination and creativity, such as arts and crafts or music and movement. These educational activities allow your child to discover themselves, making the learning experience part of your child’s personal growth.
  • Fun Activities! We want your children to have fun. Play allows for enjoyment and motivation to keep on learning, and we want to install a positive mindset toward education. Play is not only for the sake of having fun, as the importance of play comes from its vital role in child development. Our camp activities incorporate fun field trips, for example trips to water parks and bowling alleys. This will give the children a chance to enjoy themselves, whilst giving them time to get to know one another, explore their own skills and discover more about the world around them.
  • Teambuilding. Not only will memories be made! Friendships are made here at summer camp, as children get to know each other though fun teambuilding activities. This is a great opportunity for your child to socialize, as our teambuilding activities are based on interaction and socialization. Summer camp provides the perfect opportunity for your child to make life-long friendships with other children their age.

You don’t want to look back on your summer thinking that it was a waste of time. This is why summer camp is so beneficial, as it is a productive way to spend the summer. Best of all, parents can rest easy knowing their children will be safe with us at Providence Children’s Academy. So, what are you waiting for? Come and join the fun.

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