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After-school programs provide a wide array of benefits to children. Most of the time, the activities kids engage in outside school are less enriching than a structured program. Signing your child up for an after-school program will help them develop skills they will need in adulthood.

A high-quality after-school program will improve your child’s academic performance, enrich their social life, and improve their overall happiness. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of an after-school program.

Improving Academic Performance

Children who are enrolled in an after-school program are more likely to earn higher grades in school because they gain more self-confidence and a higher drive to succeed. After school programs teach children planning and time management skills, which will benefit them as adults as well.

Learning Teamwork And Making Friends

Learning teamwork at a young age will help your child succeed throughout their life. Respect and cooperation are necessary life skills. As they learn to work cooperatively with others, this will also give your child the opportunity to make friends and expand their social circle.

Part of learning teamwork involves learning how to deal with difficult situations and striving for success even when they need to work with people who they do not get along with. This skill will make your child more adaptable to challenging people and situations they face,

Improving Overall Happiness

The physical activity and social interaction provided by an after-school program will make your child happier in general. An after-school program will teach your child to respect others and themselves and give your child opportunities to make more friends.

Building Social Confidence

An after-school program will introduce your child to new people they would not meet at school. This expands opportunities for socialization, and the more people they interact with, the stronger your child’s social confidence will be.

Developing New Hobbies

An after-school program will also give your child the opportunity to try new activities and develop new hobbies and interests. Learning at a young age what they do and do not like will help your child spend their free time more wisely as they get older.

Increasing Physical Activity and Healthy Eating

Sedentary activities like watching TV or playing video games will not contribute positively to your child’s health. A high-quality after-school program will encourage and provide opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating. Children who stay active are more likely to incorporate regular activity into their adult life.

Your child will also learn how to make healthy choices around eating and other things, which will help them stay healthy over their lifetime.

Ensuring Safety and Supervision

Children whose parents work are more likely to spend hours home alone after school each day. An after-school program will give your child the adult supervision and activity structure they need to stay safe and happy. This will provide you peace of mind as a parent, knowing that your child is being cared for while you are at work and they are finished with school for the day.

Choosing Providence Children’s Academy​​​​​​

Providence Children’s Academy in Coconut Creek, Florida, has a great after school program that provides everything your child needs in a care program​​​​​​. We offer homework assistance to help your child improve their grades and succeed in school.

We plan daily extracurricular activities like cooking, science, and technology to keep your child engaged in hands-on activities that will teach them new skills and interests. We also have safe and toxin-free playground furniture. Our playground time will help your child stay active and socialize in an unstructured way.

We provide healthy and delicious snacks to help your child stay healthy and engaged because hunger can hinder learning.

At Providence Children’s Academy, we value your child’s safety. We have security code access and fingerprint access for drop-off and pick-up We also provide free transportation from your child’s school to our campus.

In addition to our after-school program, Providence Children’s Academy also offers VPK and Summer Camp.  Give us a call today at 954-570-6914 to learn more about our facility and the programs we offer.

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