Fall-Time Preschool Activities

Preschool Activities

Preschool is a time of learning, and fall-time preschool activities is especially good as it allows the little ones to get back to nature. Fall-time preschool activities can be creative, and can include an element of science as well.

The Crafty Activities

There are so many things that you can do with your preschoolers. One of these activities is the stamped pumpkin. You will need orange colored paper which you cut out in the shape of a pumpkin. Then, have your preschooler dip an empty toilet roll holder in orange paint and place stamps onto the paper. Its best if the cut-out pumpkin shaped paper is lighter than the orange paint. After letting the paint dry completely, place a green stem shaped piece of paper (or anything green and stem-shaped) at the top of the pumpkin page.

A fall leaf craft is another fun idea, and includes glue so keep an eye on the little ones especially during this activity. Help them draw a tree with branches but no leaves. Then, go out for a walk and have them pick up their favorite leaves. Help them glue these leaves onto the drawn tree on the page.

Other ideas include glitter pine cones, where you can explore outside and look for pinecones, or even rocks, dip them in glue more or less half-way and then drizzle glitter on them. You can also have a group activity where the whole class can go out for a walk and collect anything about nature – twigs, leaves, small stones, and some sand. Make a fall collage that the whole group is a part of, so that everyone had a part in the activity and can look on the collage for the entire duration of the rest of the year.

The point of these activities is to fuse nature and creativity together by using their hands, senses, and vision and craft tools.

The Science Activities

For the little scientists in training, you can do the fall observation station as well as have a weight station. For the fall observation station, once again, get everyone involved by heading outdoors and getting them to collect anything safe out of nature – fallen leaves, little stones, and twigs. You can also purchase an apple and pumpkin the day before from the grocery store. Lay all these items, as well as little journals with pencils next to them on a table – enough so that each child can write an observation. Let them look at the items through a magnifier or magnifying glass and then let them say or write something about what they observe. Alternatively you can let the preschoolers have fun with a weight station. For this you will need the same items as above as well as a small balance scale. Place two different items on each side of the balance scale and let the children compare which is heavier and why.

The point of these activities is to fuse nature and science so that the children can use items from nature and observe these items from a more kindergarten-friendly scientific point of view.

These are only a few of the fall-time preschool activities that you can do with the little ones at home or in class. Others include graphs, fall stamps, matching and sorting leaves, a nature walk, preparing delicious fall-time snacks, composing fall rhymes and songs, fall stands and a fall clean up. If you fear you won’t have time to do these with your toddler, a great place to start is Providence Children’s Academy, who will be able to get your children ready for fall-time creativity.

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