Finding A Fun Summer Camp

fun summer camps

Summer camps can be something that a child either enjoys and looks forward to the entire year or is a dreaded occurrence that causes anxiety and distress. Understanding what makes summer camps enjoyable and where to find the most suitable and fun summer camp for your child can end up being a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them. The goal of summer camps is to be both fun and educational, without feeling like the child is at school, but to still stimulate their mind and help them grow and develop.

As a parent, you want an environment that will be safe, wholesome and educational. You want the guarantee that your child is going to gain skills that helps them develop emotionally and intellectually. However, remember that your child just wants to have fun and make friends, so finding a fun summer camps that is a balance between these two things is the most ideal situation. At Providence Children’s Academy we offer a summer camp that is focused on building honest, trust, respect and independence in your child.

Benefits of Fun Summer Camps

It is important to know what you are looking for in a summer camp. There are many benefits to sending your child to a summer camps, and while it may be hard to let go of them for a long period of time, these are some of the things your child could be getting out of it:

  • Activities and Games that are Done in the Outdoors
    In this current day and age, it is so difficult to steer our children away from the TV or computer since the era we are living in is a technological. Summer camps allow your child to discover and gain a new appreciation for the outdoors and fresh summer air, in a variety of fun activities. Kids have the opportunity to reconnect with nature and appreciate its beauty. Unplugging from technology allows children to tap into their creativity and engage with people around them.
  • Summer Camps Have a Host of Sports and Games
    This is aimed at helping your child develop gross motor skills, learn team work and to be physically active. Participating in sports is a good way to help children build social skills, as it teaches them to work towards a common goal with other children. Physical activity has been shown to improve sleep and stimulate the brain. Sports included are swimming, hiking, climbing, running and others!
  • Camps are a Great Way for Your Child to Build Confidence and Independence
    Being away from home really teaches your child to be a little more reliant on self, but also helps them build confidence in self-help tasks, like dressing and feeding themselves. They get to make their own decisions on a daily basis, which helps to gain them more independence and confidence in making choices. Also, because they are away from the rigid structure that a classroom environment brings, they are able to engage and participate without the fear of failure, embarrassment or disappointment.
  • Learn a Wide Range of Social Skills and How to Handle Different Social Interactions
    Camp is where a lot of different children of varying ages come together to share a similar experience. It is the perfect opportunity for your child to make new, life-long friendships, learn how to work and live with others and understand the concepts of honesty, respect and cooperation.

If you are interested in a fun summer camp that is sure to stimulate your child’s mind, while being entertaining and beneficial to their growth and development, contact Providence Children’s Academy today to learn more about our Summer Camp Providence we host at Coconut Creek!

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