Five Fun Spring-Inspired Preschool Activities

Preschool Activities

Springtime is fast approaching which means that it is nearly time to get some fresh air in the house and let the kids run rampant in the garden. These play times are important for young children to develop creatively, physically and cognitively. Preschool activities can help achieve this by creating a fun experience that also includes learning and developmental growth.

At Providence Children’s Academy, we believe in the power of play and, more importantly, educational play. We strive to introduce creative play in all areas – from VPK to after school programs.

We’ve put together some fun and interactive spring-themed preschool activities for your child to enjoy.

1. Flower Playdough

Turn “flour” into “flowers” by introducing a spring-themed playdough game. The moldable resource is not only affordable and easy-to-make but will keep your preschoolers entertained for hours. The modeling compound is fantastic for developing a young child’s fine motor skills and contributing to their sensory exploration.

By adapting the calming and therapeutic activity to the theme of spring, preschoolers can expand on their creativity and imagination to mold and make beautiful, colorful flowers. Get creative with different colors and shapes, using the opportunity to teach your young one about various plants.

Handy tip: there are plenty of quick and easy playdough recipes to make yourself at home.

2. Raising Butterflies

One way to pique a child’s interest in science is to introduce them to the beauty of the natural world in a fun and engaging way. Springtime provides the perfect opportunity to practice this learning style. As flowers are blooming and baby animals are being born, it’s a chance to teach your preschoolers about life cycles.

Start off by introducing your little one to the theory of a butterfly’s life cycle. The best way to start is with a decorated picture book. Then set up a breeding area, such as an old ice cream container, and fill it with caterpillars and mulberry leaves.

From here, your child can watch the caterpillars grow, spin their cocoons and eventually becoming a butterfly.

3. Egg Carton Caterpillar

Speaking of caterpillars, another fun game to play with your preschooler is to set up an egg carton, paint, and colored pipe cleaners. Encourage your kids to be creative with their paint and make the carton caterpillars colorful and bright.

Adding the pipe cleaners as feelers are the finishing touch to their new recycled pet. You can create stories using the caterpillars as characters, place the bugs in the garden and use their empty bumps as hiding places for Easter eggs – the opportunities are endless.

4. Nature Collage

With many flowers and ferns blooming and dotting gardens with color, there’s often a surplus of plants that can be used for a preschooler’s game and learning experience. Wrap a piece of contact paper around a tree and use it as a sticky landing pad for an interactive nature activity.

Next, initiate a color hunt and encourage the kids to find groupings of colorful plants that can be used as elements of a collage when stuck against the tree. This game helps practice color coordination, interaction with nature and creativity in making a beautiful collage.

5. Bird’s Nests for Easter Eggs

If there’s one thing that children love as much as playtime, it’s chocolate eggs! Combining chocolate Easter eggs and a creative spring game is a perfect activity for a preschool. A little bit of yarn and glue are the perfect ingredients for a bird’s nest. Pop in a few chocolate eggs and you’ve got yourself a winner.

This game of arts and crafts will both get your preschooler excited about Easter, practice their fine motor skills and get their creative mind working all at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Springtime brings a joyful mood that encourages learning and adopting a fresh perspective on life. What better time to inspire your preschooler to learn more about being creative, understand the natural world and dive deep into a garden of color.If these five activities have got your game-orientated mind working, then there are plenty of other preschool-friendly games for you to try out at home. To find out more about our family-focused educational environment, call us at (954) 570-6914.

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