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It’s a little early to be talking about summer camp but time flies and soon enough you’ll need to find the perfect summer camp fit for your child. During the school break, from June to August children are often left at home to their own devices. A great boredom buster that ensures that your child is kept entertained and learning throughout the holidays is to enroll them in a Providence Children’s Academy summer camp in Coconut Creek.

Remember as the 47th largest city in the state, these types of programs in Coconut Creek will fill up fast, which is why it’s always good to be a little proactive when deciding what your children will do for the holidays.

The Benefits of Summer Camp

While you may be worried about sending your child off to summer camp for summer break, it gives your child a chance to interact with others and grow in a new environment. During summer, learning is often put on pause as it’s a time for your child to relax but this does curb their ability to learn. Summer camps make learning fun and interactive and your child will learn multiple different skills.

  • Tip-Top Social Skills

    If your child isn’t socializing within their age group during the summer, it can hamper the development of necessary social kids. Your child will learn to build relationships, work with others and even manage conflict within their social group at summer camp. It’s an important experience that aids in your child’s eventual transition from child to adult. Creating adults with good social skills and a strong character.

  • Making Healthy Choices

    It’s great being able to access the nearest fast food store for convenience, but during the summer there generally aren’t many outdoor activities that can help burn off those choices thanks to the South Florida heat. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is an increase in the number of children affected by obesity. Summer camps that offer healthy and wholesome meals will encourage children to eat their recommended amount of fruit and vegetables each day. Some camps even allow children to nurture their own vegetable gardens and teach them how to prepare healthy meals.

  • Just Keep Learning

    No-one wants to study over their summer vacation. Learning can be difficult and it’s boring. Unfortunately, if your children aren’t learning during their summer break there is a good chance that their grade level for math, reading, comprehension, and spelling may drop. A perk of summer camp attendance means that learning is fun and interactive. Learning is easier when in a different and more open environment.

  • Confidence Is Key

    Being at summer camp and away from home comforts can be difficult. Dealing with homesickness or activities outside of their normal comfort zone can be daunting but overcoming different types of adversity is an invaluable experience. Studies show that many campers come out of their summer camp experience more confident and self-reliant than children who do not attend summer camps.

  • Time To Connect

    In today’s digital age, children often forget to connect in person with one another. Instead, relying on electronics or social media to make connections. Camp enables children to reconnect to not only one another but also nature. The social aspect means that children are building good social skills and building lasting friendships. The nature aspect means that your child is spending time outdoors in a healthy and productive way, and most importantly they are away from a digital screen.

Finding the right summer camp can be difficult as you need to take your child’s age and interests into consideration. The summer camps at Providence Children’s Academy are made up of several different age groups. This means that learning and play will be targeted to your child’s specific age group. Attending camp is an amazing chance for your child to learn and grow while building the necessary skills needed to succeed in life.

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