Getting The Best Pre K Education

Pre K education

Early childhood education is essential for children. In preschool, children develop social skills that allow them to have positive relationships with their teachers and each other. With so many preschools around, it’s important that you enroll your child in one that offers high-quality education. Here’s a guide to getting the best Pre K education for your child.

What Is Preschool?

Preschool, also known as Pre K, is an early childhood education program that blends learning with play and is taught by certified professionals. Children remain in the preschool until they are of age to officially start kindergarten. Most children that attend preschool are between the ages of three and five.

Age Requirements for Preschool

Most of the time, children must be at least two years old to enroll in preschool. Each facility has its own age requirement, with most being the age of three. Typically, the age of three is when they are able to benefit the most out of being in a group.

Types of Preschools Programs

There are various types of preschool programs to choose from.

Head Start

The Head Start Program is federally funded and allows low-income families to have access to free Pre K education for their children. Head Start is available in all 50 states and comes with multiple options such as half-day programs and all-day programs. In some cases, Head Start programs are available at public schools. Since funding may not always be sufficient, it’s best to apply as soon as you’re eligible.

Private Preschool

Most private schools offer part-day programs and operate as for-profits or independent non-profits. Private preschools have the highest amount of student enrollment, and when it comes to educational quality, it depends on the program. These schools are mainly regulated by state child care agencies.

Public Preschool

Public preschools are funded by the state and have the options of full-day and half-day. A majority of the public preschool programs initially focused mainly on providing services to low-income families and children with disabilities.

Advantages of a Preschool Education

There are many advantages to enrolling your children in preschool. Early childhood education boosts cognitive development and decreases the chances of grade retention. High-quality preschool programs have been shown to improve behavior, enhance achievement, and promote school readiness. Enrolling your children in preschool will get them better prepared to start kindergarten and be able to adapt socially and academically. Additional research indicates that children who attend preschool become responsible citizens later in life and earn more income.

What to Look for in a Preschool

There are a few things that you should look for in a preschool to make sure it’s the best fit for your children.

Teachers are Caring and Friendly

Children can learn better when their teachers are caring and friendly. Friendly teachers are upbeat, joyful, and smile often with children. They also answer any questions your child may have without ignoring their concerns or being dismissive.

The Teaching Program is Engaging and Interactive

Be observant of how teachers interact with the children during class. Teachers should be engaging with the children instead of just doing a lecturing session. Teachers often do sing-a-longs, read books, and tell interesting stories. They may also use crafts and games to aid in their teaching. Teachers need to ask stimulating questions and help children have a deeper form of thinking. They motivate children to talk and allow them to be efficient contributors in the class.

Teachers Have the Proper Educational Background

Teachers must have formal training in their respective fields such as a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or childhood development. According to studies, teachers with high education provide a higher quality of care.

Get the Best Pre K Education

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