Preschool Care

How Teachers Create A Safe Preschool

One of the most important roles a teacher plays is keeping students safe and comfortable within the learning environment. Within a preschool, teachers are used to seeing many different personalities in children. As children grow and develop, their behavior shifts. With all the changes that occur in their lives and the sensory messages they are […]

Infant Childcare: What To Expect

Today, nonparental infant childcare has become a necessity for working parents. In the modern age, about 60% of American children are in a daycare program. Some parents are concerned about placing their child in daycare; from concerns about safety, to time sacrificed for work, the latter being an economic necessity for many, particularly single parents. […]

Breaking Bad Preschool Habits

For children, preschool functions as an introduction to the world – the preschool environment is foundational in early childhood development. Children, age 4 – 5 years, are at a phase of magical thinking where they are most receptive to learning a new language, identifying shapes, textures, and sounds of the world around them. Preschool is […]

Why Your Child Will Love Infant Daycare

Infant daycare is something that benefits both child and parent! Not only will your little one love daycare, but you will have time to get back to work or take some “me time” and regain your sanity! Providence Children’s Academy can provide you with peace of mind that your child is in the best of […]

Technology Creating A Safe Preschool

We understand that for parents the time when you must send your little one to preschool can be difficult – not just for the child, but for you too! Not only will you have to get used to the separation, but you might also worry about the safety and wellbeing of your child during school […]

Preschool Providers’ Tips For Transitioning

Many children will feel very scared on their first day of school. The concept of going to school for the very first time, or transitioning to a new school may be daunting, as the children will not know what to expect, nor how to behave in these unfamiliar environments. Some children who are going to […]

Is Your Child Attending A Safe Preschool?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a safe preschool for your child, but the question is, what factors do you look for if you want to determine the school’s safety? Is security access control enough? What about hygienic safety? You need to cover all aspects of safety for your children. If you are […]

Exciting Activities for Infants

As a parent, you want to help your baby develop as much as possible. Infants often learn best through interaction and play, and by doing interactive activities with them, you can help your child develop and grow! Even with very young infants, some simple activities can help with child development, as well as strengthen the […]

Daycare For Infants and Fine Motor Skills Development

While sending your little one to daycare may be a daunting experience for any parent, daycare for infants show a great benefit to the developing mind and body of a little child, as well as for the parents and the family. In the United States, most families require two incomes to get by financially. This […]

Best Age Range For Starting Preschool

Each parent will reach a point where they contemplate the best preschool age range for starting out. Many factors will influence this choice, and at the end of the day each parent will make the choice based on what they are most comfortable with. There are so many things that might influence your decision, from […]

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