Preschool Care

Is My Child ADD or ADHD And What Is The Difference?

Understanding the difference between ADD and ADHD has become even increasingly necessary as more and more children are diagnosed with this condition. To the average person, hyperactivity is one thing while having a short attention span is another. In more serious cases, these tendencies are linked to childhood development conditions known as ADD and ADHD. These […]

Signs Of Learning Disabilities In Children

One of the most important roles of a preschool teacher is being able to recognize the different learning levels of the children they teach. If a child has a certain learning disability then the teacher can successfully prepare the child for their transition into kindergarten. It is often more difficult to distinguish a learning disability such […]

Teaching Preschool Children About Friendship

Building good friendships is one of the core foundations in the development of essential skills such as social interaction, communication and negotiation. These early relationships later become the foundations of the type of person that the child could become and influence how they interact with the people around them.   The Benefits Of Childhood Friendships The formation […]

The Importance Of Daycare Center Tours

Finding the right daycare center for your child may seem overwhelming – not only are you worried about them venturing out into new territory, you’re also probably wondering which daycare to send your little one to. Taking a daycare center tour is the best way to help you decide which daycare facility is right for […]

Is My Infant’s Development Progress Normal?

The typical age range for an infant is usually under a year, however it can sometimes be extended to 2 years of age. Depending on what is considered “normal” for your infant may depend on various factors. Factors such as a Low Birth Weight may affect their fine motor skills and their hand eye co-ordination. […]

Child Care Advice – How To Speak To Children

It can be very frustrating when your child is not listening to you when you talk to them. Being in the child care industry, we completely understand. Use these tips to try and get your child to listen when you speak and see how you can influence their interactions and personality. Use Positive Words and […]

Preschool Centers vs Online Preschool Programs

It seems almost obvious that more and more services are being offered online. The internet has opened up a digital sphere of virtual offices, relationships, communities and so much more. There are however some services that remain most beneficial in their traditional form, namely preschool. Preschool is a very momentous occasion in your child’s life. […]

How Teachers Create A Safe Preschool

One of the most important roles a teacher plays is keeping students safe and comfortable within the learning environment. Within a preschool, teachers are used to seeing many different personalities in children. As children grow and develop, their behavior shifts. With all the changes that occur in their lives and the sensory messages they are […]

Infant Childcare: What To Expect

Today, nonparental infant childcare has become a necessity for working parents. In the modern age, about 60% of American children are in a daycare program. Some parents are concerned about placing their child in daycare; from concerns about safety, to time sacrificed for work, the latter being an economic necessity for many, particularly single parents. […]

Breaking Bad Preschool Habits

For children, preschool functions as an introduction to the world – the preschool environment is foundational in early childhood development. Children, age 4 – 5 years, are at a phase of magical thinking where they are most receptive to learning a new language, identifying shapes, textures, and sounds of the world around them. Preschool is […]

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