Summer Preschool Helps Build Confidence

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What more could a parent want for their child than to start the school year with positivity and confidence? Seeing your child proud of their abilities and identity is a gift: one that gets harder to obtain as kids grow older and absorb more of the influences around them.

One way to start your child on the right track is to enroll them in a summer preschool, such as Providence Children’s Academy. Far from just a glorified day camp or daycare, summer preschool enables your child to grow in confidence by trying new things and developing new skills, all in a safe and supportive environment.

Here are just a few of the ways that your child can grow in confidence through this summer preschool program:

Breaking Out Of Their Comfort Zone

When a child learns to do something they could not previously do, they learn that they are capable of learning all kinds of things. From using numbers, letters, painting, singing, or engaging with crafts, children can build a positive attitude that sets them on track for school and life.

As school gets more challenging with every grade level, they will have assurance that they are able to succeed if they commit to learning or practicing what they initially don’t understand.

Making New Friends and Learning Socialization Skills

The preschool environment is an ideal place for meeting children of all different backgrounds and cultures. Your child’s teacher will also facilitate making friendships with group activities, in which children work together with peers, combining their unique abilities to work toward a common goal. But children don’t just interact with other children in a summer preschool; your child will also engage with their teacher and other adult facilitators, enhancing their ability to connect with other adults in their lives. They will learn how to answer basic questions, talk about themselves by putting ideas into clear sentences, and ask questions of others.

Positive Encouragement and Reinforcement

Our teachers and staff are great at encouraging children in their abilities, talents, and skills, while also teaching them to accept constructive criticism so they can grow and learn.

If a child has difficulty mastering a certain skill, they will be positively reinforced for trying something new and challenging. They will learn to understand both their strengths and weaknesses in order to keep on trying and not give up just because a new activity is challenging at first. The more that children hear that they competent and able, the more they will internalize that message and build up confidence to carry them through all kinds of challenges later in life.

Fostering Independence

Because this program is local, your child doesn’t have to learn to cope with being away from family from days or weeks at a time, like other summer programs. But being away from home for just a few hours each day can help foster a healthy sense of independence – and they’ll have fun!

Summer Preschool At Providence Children’s Academy

At Providence Children’s Academy, we believe that learning and having fun don’t have to be exclusive. Our activities have specific educational goals, but also allow children to exercise their natural desire to engage in play. From developing cognitive and social abilities to fine-tuning motor skills, our nurturing environment encourages positive growth. Our knowledgeable and educational staff are just as dedicated to your child’s learning and success as you are.

To learn more about our summer preschool, as well as other programs we offer, call us at 954-570-6914. We also offer free tours for interested families to see what we’re all about.

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