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Each preschool is unique, but when it comes to finding the best quality preschool for your child, there are things that the top preschools all do. We’ve put together a list of seven things that the best preschools do to guide you as you choose a preschool for your little one.

1. Use An Active Learning Program

A young child learns by discovering through play. They have to do and experience activities for the information to settle into their memories.

Many of the preschool skills taught at Providence Children’s Academy may seem like pure fun but are actually vital pre-academic skills that will develop in them the basic skills for reading and math. Acquiring these skills during preschool lays a solid foundation for formal education when they are older. A bonus of using an active learning program is that a love for learning will be instilled in them from a young age and will stay with them throughout their lives.

2. Grow A Great Reputation In Their Local Community

A reputation in the local community is one of the best indications of a great preschool. Happy children who are thriving, lead to happy parents. You can ask among trusted friends or keep an eye on local social media groups.

It’s useful to ask questions such as:

  • Is your child happy to be dropped off at school, and are they happy when you pick them up?
  • Do they tell you about what new things they learned at preschool?
  • What do you appreciate most about the school?
  • What are the teachers like? Is a parent/teacher relationship encouraged?
  • What method does the school use for communication with parents?
  • Does the program offer any extras such as art, languages, library, science, ball skills etc.

3. Create A Nurturing Environment

A preschool is often a child’s first step away from the familiarity of home and your care. A good away-from-home experience will build your child’s confidence, which makes it important to find a preschool environment that is caring, warm and comforting.

Arrange a visit during class time and you’ll soon get a feel of the school. Notice how the students interact with the teacher and each other. See how the teachers interact with the students. Is the atmosphere fun and safe? Do they make learning new things exciting?

4. Employ Exceptional Preschool Teachers and Staff

While good facilities important, the teachers and staff make the difference between an average and an extraordinary preschool.

Apart from being trained and qualified, an exceptional preschool teacher is experienced and dedicated to the children in her class, and the school. They tackle all aspects of their teaching with passion and enthusiasm. Connecting with the children is important to them and they communicate well, with kindness and respect.

Great preschool teachers have a sense of humor and a warm, caring personality. They are creative by nature, and flexible to make allowances for the uniqueness of each child in their care.

5. Maintain A Low Student To Teacher Ratio

To develop the full potential of each child personally, we maintain a low student to teacher ratio at Providence Children’s Academy. This allows the teacher to be hands-on with each child in her care. They are able to give them the attention they need, and make sure they are absorbing all the concepts taught.

6. Invest and Develop Child-Friendly Facilities

Classrooms should also be well-lit with good ventilation. A child-friendly facility will provide ample new technology for learning in the classroom, but also strike a wholesome balance between the use of gadgets and hands-on learning.

Safe outdoor play areas are a bonus as they will allow your child to discover and learn from nature. Science backs up the fact that it is beneficial for little ones to get their hands dirty outside. It has been proven to improve brain function and health. Opportunities should also be provided for children to get creative and let their imaginations flow.

7. Make Health and Safety A Priority

There are many aspects to keeping your child safe. Here at Providence Children’s Academy we have covered all the bases, from the fingerprint access on arrival (and for pick-up), to the soft, antibacterial, toxin free rubber that covers the playground.

We have an emergency system, procedures and practices in place that ensure that your child is kept safe, healthy and happy. Our preschool teachers and admin staff are also well trained to deal with all manner of emergencies.

Providence Children’s Academy Does These Seven Things (And More!)

We don’t have to toot our own horn; our happy family of thriving children is evidence of the effectiveness of what we do. At Providence Children’s Academy we are passionate about children and have put everything in place for each individual to grow, thrive and be ready for an adventure of life-long learning. Chat with us today at (954) 570-6914 for more information about all the things we offer!

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