Important Skills For Your Preschoolers Cognitive Development

Finding a family-oriented school for your preschooler allows them to develop in the best way possible. At Providence Children’s Academy, we understand that this is the most important time for your child’s brain and cognitive development. We work diligently to provide a stimulating educational setting for them to both learn and grow every day.

The Importance Of Quality Education For Preschoolers

The time your preschooler spends in school is when they develop important cognitive skills. Cognitive learning involves memory, reasoning, and thinking. During this time, they will learn how to focus on objects, how to categorize objects, and about problem-solving. This is a critical time for them to develop, and a voluntary pre-kindergarten program can help them achieve excellence.

During your preschooler’s first five years, their brains develop faster than at any other time in their lives. This is why enrolling your child into a professional curriculum-based preschool is an investment in their future.

What Skills Should Be Developed During Preschool?

Preschool offers a chance for children to broaden the skills necessary for their life of learning ahead. Here are some skills that a child should develop while in a preschool program:


Your preschooler should be able to express their feelings positively, ask for what they need, and ask questions freely.


Encouraging children to express themselves creatively is a big part of preschool. This helps them build confidence in their abilities and to develop their own sense of self. Embracing every student’s uniqueness is one of the most important things we can do as preschool teachers.

Early Math Skills

Preschool-level math involves learning that certain things are similar, and some are different, this logical thinking helps establish a foundation for math in the future.

Emotional Development

This is a time for preschoolers to understand their feelings and those around them. Learning how to manage these feelings is also important.

Fine Motor Skills

Many activities we perform at our preschool require students to work with scissors, draw with pencils or markers, and do other creative play that focuses on dexterity.


Learning how to follow directions is important for success in academic, social, and work settings moving forward.


Most preschoolers can write their names and know simple words. This is achieved through reading time and hands-on practice.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are an important part of life, these skills are taught through real-life situations or games during our curriculum. Memory matching games are a good way for your preschooler to work through a problem to find a solution.

Social Skills

Learning to get along with others during collaborative play helps preschoolers establish healthy language and self-control.

Help Prepare Your Preschooler For Their Educational Future

At Providence Children’s Academy, we take the individual needs and interests of each child into consideration. Our teachers create lessons that are tailored to the needs of the class, based on their cognitive development.

As a VPK provider, we offer curriculum-based preschool for Broward County families.  We also offer an after-school care program that continues the educational experience even after class is over. This program combines play and hands-on activities with homework assistance.

To learn more about our after-school care program or our curriculum-based preschool, call our Coconut Creek facility at 954-570-6914.

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