Why Is Holistic Development In Children Important?

children holistic development

Preschool is undoubtedly an important phase in your child’s development. The skills picked up will form a foundation for their future.

Naturally, you will want to ensure your child gets everything they need for what is to come. Holistic education practices or children’s holistic development is almost assuredly your best bet.

What is Holistic Development?

Holistic development is a learning approach focusing on multiple areas of growth simultaneously. These areas are typically social, emotional, physical, and intellectual practices. Learning activities try to include as many of these areas as possible to create a well-rounded and inclusive curriculum.

These foundational development stages can be crucial in preparing children for the long schooling journey ahead. Holistic education can provide a comfortable space for all different types of children to play, be curious and explore.

Why is Holistic Development Important?

We’ve listed a few factors that stand out and why these new educational styles are becoming the norm in preschooler growth and development.

Focus on all Areas

Traditional education approaches tend to focus on one specific learning objective at a time. For instance, children learning to count to 10 in a classroom. They are training their cognitive ability to remember the sequence of numbers in a linear way.

Holistic learning combines this same practice with additional activities that develop other skills too. For example, teachers could devise a game consisting of collecting sticks and pebbles

Several skills are being developed here; physical skills in running and jumping, social skills in cooperation with fellow learners, and cognitive skills with basic arithmetic of adding up all the items they have collected.

In place of developing one skill at a time, you now have children effectively doing the same activity while developing multiple skills.

Improves Communication Skills

Holistic development gives children the freedom to engage in activities that they feel drawn to. Learners who are given the license to explore generally develop stronger communication skills. An engaged and inspired child is likelier to express that interest to those around them.

Children with a holistic education are more compelled to tell their parents and peers about their interests. This helps develop communication skills and self-confidence.

Holistic Learning Is Meaningful

Holistic development for your children is a more meaningful process. Creating a more dynamic environment can allows teachers to be more inspired, too.

Having the freedom to use the surrounding environment in fun, non-repetitive lessons will inspire teachers to contribute to the holistic learning process. A happy teacher means happy students, and vice versa!

Instills Confidence for the Future

Teachers with a firm understanding of holistic development will know that each child is unique and develops at their own pace. An academic focused curriculum tends to create an idea of what speed a child is meant to develop at. This misses the whole point of inclusive learning!

Some children might initially pick up academic skills faster than others. This can leave learners feeling behind and bad about themselves. l. Holistic development allow children to practice skills in areas they find strength. A learner who struggles academically might excel in team-oriented or physical activities, boosting their confidence and sense of purpose. ​​​​​​

The Best Holistic Development Curriculum

Providence Children’s Academy offers an inclusive and holistic approach to preschool education and VPK programs.

We believe that learning and fun are one and the same. Our lesson plans and exercises have clear educational objectives, and we combine this with your child’s natural curiosity and desire to explore. Our emphasis on holistic development will leave your child with a whole host of skills, experiences, and memories to ensure they are ready for what is to come.

To find out more about the programs we offer, call us at 954-570-6914. We also offer free tours for interested families to see what we’re all about.

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