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Preparing your children for kindergarten is an important stepping stone in their school career. You want to make sure they get the right foundations in place for kindergarten, and a VPK program is the best place for that to happen.

The benefits of a Voluntary Pre-kindergarten Program (VPK) are endless. We’ll touch on them below as well as how you can find the right program for your children.

What is a VPK Program?

A VPK program is designed to give children a head start in learning and social interaction. As a pre-kindergarten program, it is an important first step for children as they develop the skills needed to succeed in school and in life. Skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, general knowledge, physical health, and interpersonal skills are foundational. At a VPK program, children gain the tools they need to grow.

What Are The Benefits Of A VPK Program Near You?

The perks of a pre-kindergarten program are numerous. Aside from VPK programs being free of charge, here are some other benefits:

Assessments From An Early Age

A VPK program is the place to become aware of any problems or challenges your child might be facing. The sooner you are aware of these, the sooner you can do something to support the child in those areas.

Literacy Knowledge And Development

Although children are not yet able to read at the ages of 4 and 5, they still benefit greatly from exposure to literature. When you read with your children, they start to get familiar with the sounds of language and will learn from the information you read to them. This sets the tone for their relationship with reading and writing for the future, making it easier for them to pick it up at school.

Cognitive And Thought Development

At a VPK program, children learn the basics of counting, identifying colors, animals, and more. They will learn to compare, contrast, and problem solve. These skills may seem small to us as adults, but to children, these skills are essential building blocks for all they will learn at school.

Social Skills

Developing an ability to socialize, share, and interact with other children and adults through play is a great way to deal with separation anxieties at a young age. A VPK program will help them develop social cues and build relationships with others.

Physical Movement

Health, fitness, fine motor skills, and coordination are foundational skills to keep your children healthy in every possible way. Physical development helps mental and emotional health too, which is important for children to learn.

How To Find The Right VPK Program Near You

There are many different programs available, from faith-based to private or public programs. Below are some of the things to consider when looking for the right VPK program for your child:

  • Ask questions: is the program faith-based or secular? How many children are in the class, and what are the facilitators like?
  • Decide what’s best for your child: do they function well in smaller or larger groups? Is the program able to nurture your child’s unique needs?
  • Take a tour of the VPK groups in your area. Take your child along to see how they respond to the different environments.

Learn More About The VPK Program At Providence Children’s Academy

If you live in South Florida and your child will turn 4 by September 1st, consider registering them at Providence Children’s Academy: one of South Florida’s most reputable early childhood education programs.

We accommodate all kinds of learning styles and are passionate about providing kids with nurturing educators. We value the safety of the children who attend our programs and ensure that fun and learning are at the forefront. For more information, give us a call today at 954-570-6914.

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