10 Benefits Of An After School Program

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A lot of people think an after school program is just to support children of working parents, but there are actually a number of benefits for the child’s development and learning. An after school program provides a transformative learning experience in a fun environment. They are designed to help young children learn about themselves and what they enjoy, while being surrounded by their friends.

A lot of the time, children will go home after school and sit in front of the tv or run errands with their parents. This can often mean that the child isn’t doing any fun or stimulating activities after school. Years of research has determined that after school programs help children do better academically, build great communication skills, teamwork and problem solving.

At Providence Children’s Academy, we offer an enriching after school program for your kids. So, we’ve put together a list of 10 benefits of an after school program.

1. After School Programs Are Safe and Secure

You can rest easy knowing your kids are in a safe and secure environment at an after school program. There is constant adult supervision and a strict safety protocol followed at Providence Children’s Academy. Your child’s safety is our number one priority. All of our teachers are certified in CPR and first aid. Our classrooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Enrolling your child into an after school program gives parents comfort knowing that their child will be in safe hands.

2. Your Child Will Learn Excellent Social Skills

Socialization is a big part of after school programs. Instead of your child going home to stare at a screen, they can spend time engaging with new children. Research has shown that this type of socialization promotes cooperation and support for others. After school socialization is also supervised by adults which makes sure that every child feels included.

3. Develop Life Skills

After school programs include learning support groups, physical activity, sports and playtime. This helps children develop life skills like mental toughness, collaboration, teamwork, problem solving and much more. These are excellent life skills that young children can take with them into school, college, work and beyond.

4. Academic Learning Support

Another amazing benefit about after school programs is the academic learning support your child receives. We understand that working parents struggle to find the time to help their children with homework. And as a result, the child’s grades might suffer. It also means that when you pick your child up, the homework will be finished, and you can soak up that extra time for fun and play.

5. Discover Hidden Interests and Talents

Because after school programs involve a wide variety of topics and activities, it gives your child the option to explore different things. This helps them find interests and hidden talents they didn’t know they had. Your child might discover they have passion for sciences or music or dance. They often take these interests with them into adulthood.

6. Nutritional Snacks

When you’re a working parent, it can be difficult to find time to make sure your child is eating all the right foods. At Providence Children’s Academy, we provide nutritional snacks for your child and a menu that has been put together by a dietitian. You can feel confident that your child will be both full and healthy while in our care.

7. Physical Health

It can be tricky to make sure your child has a well-balanced life that includes physical exercise. After school programs make sure your child is involved in a physical activity that promotes outdoor play and better overall health.

8. Promotes Confidence

As parents, we often worry if our child is making friends and being accepted by their peers. Research has found that children who feel out of place at school or suffer from learning challenges, greatly benefit from after school programs. They feel more included and part of a group which helps build confidence.

9. Open Feedback for Parents

Sometimes as parents, it can be difficult to be objective about our children. One of the benefits of sending your child to an after school program is that there is open communication from the staff about your child. Your child will receive more one-on-one attention than in the classroom which allows the teachers to pick up on things more closely. This means that teachers can share feedback with parents openly and your child will get any extra support they need.

10. Time with Friends

The best part about an after school program is that your child gets to make and spend time with their friends. Making friends that they can take with them into school and beyond is one of the best things for your child.

After School Programs in Coconut Creek

At Providence Children’s Academy, we’ve got a fantastic after school program that you can trust. We are dedicated to your child’s health and wellbeing, and their personal, social, and learning development. Contact us today to find out more and have confidence that your child will be in safe hands with us.

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