Preparing For Kindergarten With A Good Preschool Curriculum

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For your children, preschool is the first step out the door on their long schooling journey. It is important to start strong, and a good preschool curriculum can instill confidence in both children and parents alike, for kindergarten and the steps beyond.

Research has shown that children who go to preschool are better equipped for kindergarten than those that don’t. They tend to have stronger vocabularies, more social skills, as well as a degree of confidence within themselves. We’ve listed some of the prime examples why a good preschool curriculum is so important and thus why we take it so seriously at Providence Children’s Academy.

Cognitive, Language & Motor Skills

A good preschool curriculum is known to start the development of cognitive, language and motor skills. Cognitive skills are the tools your brain uses to read, learn, memorize, and listen. Developing these from a preschool level is therefore very important. Cognitive skills can be developed through exercises such as working with simple puzzles or organizing objects into groups, both of which are elements of our programs.

Language skills refer to verbal communication skills and the ability to converse both expressively and enthusiastically. These are essential for kindergarten since they kickstart children speaking in full sentences and recognizing different words and letters. Both Cognitive and Language skills are great instances of early-literacy training.

Motor Skills are linked to a child’s physical development and are a good indicator of being ready for kindergarten. These skills include running, jumping, using different utensils unsupported and basic hand eye coordination.

Social Development

The first day of kindergarten can be an intimidating experience for any child. The right preschool curriculum will help your child be socially ready. Being away from home provides the opportunity for preschoolers to spend time with other children and adults. They’ll be able to make new friends, work together, listen, and develop basic conversational skills.

Self Confidence

Research shows that children with higher self-confidence have a greater chance of learning and are open to new experiences. They tend to have a greater desire to participate because they feel good about themselves. We present a perfect opportunity for them to build that self-confidence, just in time for kindergarten.

Nurturing Growth and Curiosity

Children at preschool age have a natural attraction to all things unknown. They are constantly curious and hungry for new information. A stimulating curriculum helps build this curiosity by purposefully developing on prior knowledge and things they are familiar with.

Teaching Children to be Learners

Young children’s learning is guided by playing. A bit too much of an academic learning environment has the potential to dampen a child’s curiosity and turn off their interest completely. A positive curriculum will allow children to learn in methods that will interest them. This will form a solid foundation for future years, as they start to have a positive association to learning.

Fostering Independence

Not being at home for a few hours every day is a good way for your prospective preschoolers to start developing a sense of independence. A bonus is that they will get to enjoy themselves while developing this important skill!

Taking Care of Others

Having an interactive preschool curriculum means that children are exposed to working in groups and what it is like to be in a team. Preschoolers learn to care not only for themselves but for others too. Our teachers will often encourage the children to help one another learn various skills that they will be exposed to in the classroom.

Nothing But the Best Preschool Curriculum

Providence Children’s Academy strives to provide the highest level of preschool education possible. We believe that learning and fun go hand in hand. Our various lesson plans and exercises have clear educational objectives, and we combine this with your child’s desire to play and explore. Our carefully crafted preschool curriculum is bound to leave your child with a whole host of skills, experiences, and memories to ensure that they are ready for the world of kindergarten.

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