3 Fun Arts & Crafts To Do With Your Preschooler

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If you are a parent, guardian, or teacher of a preschooler and you’re looking for some creative new ways to engage them in arts and crafts, then you came to the right place. We have compiled a list of our favorite arts and crafts that are easy and fun to do with your toddler.

When you take the time to sit and enjoy being creative with your toddler, you show them that they are important and that you enjoy learning with them. This will boost their confidence, creativity, and brain stimulation.

Different Types Of Collages

There’s nothing more exciting than creating different types of collages with your toddler. Playing with the textures, shapes, and colors is great for sensory play. Getting the pieces stuck inside the lines is also beneficial for their coordination skills, focus, and fine motor skills. Below are some ideas you could try to build a collage with your preschooler:

  • Natural collage: first you will need to take a walk around the garden to find as many different types of textures, colors, and things you can find that are natural. Plant leaves, flowers, bark, or anything else they can find in the garden. Print out a picture and let them collage with the things they found in the garden.
  • Tissue paper collage: print out a picture, an outline of something simple usually does the trick. Then roll up balls of different colored tissue paper and let your child stick the balls of paper into the form of what’s outlined on the page.
  • Magazine collage: Find different pictures that you and your child like out of a magazine to cut or tear out and use. Use a print-out or draw an outline of a picture for them to stick the magazine cut-outs to.
  • Collage kaleidoscope: This one is the same idea as the others, but this time use different colored pieces of plastic, or paper to create a collage on the printout.

Macaroni Craft Ideas

Dried macaroni pasta is good for many things, including craft projects. Here are some ideas for you to try with your preschooler:

  • Macaroni beaded necklace: Dip your macaroni pieces into different colors of paint the day before and leave them to dry. Let your toddler string their own special necklace as a gift for mom or to wear to their preschool program the next day.
  • Macaroni paper plate art: Use your macaroni pieces as collage bits on a paper plate. If you haven’t painted the macaroni beforehand, then you can paint the paper plate after all the macaroni is stuck onto it. (These also make really fun Christmas decorations).

Paint Crafts

Toddlers love painting things because of the smooth texture and colors. Make sure to use non-toxic paint to let them play.

Imprinting half of a painting: Take a piece of blank paper and fold it in half. Unfold it, and let your child paint something on one half of the paper. Help them to close the piece of paper while the paint is still wet and then open it to do the big reveal. It’ll be surprising and cool for them to see how their art doubles before their eyes and becomes something brand new!

Fingerprint painting: Choose a picture of a bug or a flower and let your child try to copy it using their fingerprints as dots on the page. You can outline the image for them on a piece of paper as a guide. Let them choose their colors and they are only allowed to print their fingers one at a time to create their artwork.

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